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How to Grow and Care for Aeonium Black Rose Succulent

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Among the succulents family, Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ (Black Rose) is one of the most striking plants. If you have decided to bring this beautiful plant in your house, you need to learn some tips to ensure you take good care of your lovely succulent. Lucky for you, we are providing you with a guide that will help you understand all the essential caring measures for Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ (Black Rose).


[The Growing Requirements]The Growing Requirements for Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ (Black Rose)

When it comes to caring for Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop,’ these succulents need plenty of light to grow healthy. This is the reason these chubby succulents do well outdoors, regardless of the freezing temperatures. Furthermore, you can also grow Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ indoors, but you need to follow the required indoor growing requirements.

If you are growing them indoors, make sure to provide the plant plenty of light; keep the pot near the brightest window. Moreover, do not overwater them when growing indoors and plant them in well-draining soil. Check the outdoor growing requirements for Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ in the next section.


1. Watering Requirements

Black Rose Succulent

Aeonium Black Rose Succulent in pot


Although most of the succulents are drought-tolerant, you need to water them according to the climate they are growing in. It also depends on the humidity and weather of your area. For instance, if you live in a place where the climate is very dry, you will need to water your chubby succulents more frequently.

In summers, when there is intense heat, you will need to water your Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ every seven days. However, when the weather cools down, water them every 12 days, especially when you have placed the plant outdoors. On the contrary, if you live in a location that has high humid levels, you will not need to water them as much.

Similarly, when you have high humid levels indoors, the water requirements of your succulents will be different. In winters, it is better to rely mostly on rainwater and avoid watering the succulents more frequently. However, if your area does not get any rain during winters, water your Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ once every three weeks.

Not to mention, these incredible succulents love rain during winters, and that is the reason they grow vigorously during those days. Note that, Aeonium Black Rose's growing season is from winter to early springtime. If you still have any confusion about the water requirements, there is another way to determine when the right time to water your plant is.

Check the moisture of the soil; if it feels dry to touch, then you need to water the plant. If you are unsure how much water you should pour, it is better to underwater.


2. Soil Requirements

Like many other succulents, Aeonium Black Rose requires well-draining soil.  Use a mixture of cactus potting mix and perlite; take the 2:1 solution of cactus mix and perlite if you live in a dry climate. In case you are growing the plant in humid climate, take 1:1 solution of perlite and cactus potting mix. In place of perlite, you can use sandy soil by mixing the potting soil with coarse sand.


3. Light Requirements

This lovely succulent loves to grow under partial shady areas; however, Aeonium Zwartkop can also tolerate full sun. In case the place where you have kept the plant has intense sun exposure, acclimate your Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ to prevent burn. Increase the exposure steadily until it can tolerate full sun.

It is important to keep in mind that your Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ can still experience sun damage or sunburn during a heatwave or extreme heat. In such a situation, you can protect the plant by moving it indoors or to the shady place.

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Are Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ (black rose) Frost Tolerance?

Black Rose Aeonium Zwartkop Succulent

Aeonium Zwartkop Succulent 


Aeonium Black Rose can tolerate mild frost but cannot withstand the freezing temperatures for longer periods. That means if your Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ is exposed to freezing temperatures, it is very likely that your plant will not survive and die soon. In mild winters, the black rose can grow fine even if you keep it outdoors.

However, if you live in a zone that experiences severe winters, you will need to protect your plant from freezing temperatures or frost. For that, make sure to bring your Aeonium Black Rose Arboreum indoors when the winters come and plant them in containers. Also, if you cannot transfer the plant for a reason they are planted in the ground, then you can protect them with frost covers or frost cloths.

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The Bottom Line 

Adding another lovely succulent to your garden sounds exciting, but do not forget the plant needs proper care to grow healthy. By following the tips mentioned above, you can take good care of your Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ (Black Rose) and see them grow happy and healthy.


How to Grow and Care for Aeonium Black Rose Succulent

Watch the video below (and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos) to see how to grow and care for Aeonium Black Rose Succulent.


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