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Pink Plant Spray Bottle $9.00
Green Plant Spray Bottle $9.00
Black Plant Spray Bottle $9.00
Smiley Face Plant Labels
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Plant Labels
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Dust Blower $7.30
Pink Potting Kit $9.25
Blue Potting Kit $7.75
Wooden Gardening Tools $8.75 $9.95
Watering Bottle 500ML $7.50
Succulent Potting Soil from $6.80
Beginner Kit Gift Box from $45.00 $52.15
Houseplant Beginner Kit Gift Box $57.00 $60.45
Beginner Kit (tools only) from $22.94
Beginner Kit (tools + 4" plant) from $30.54 $37.15
Beginner Kit (tools + 2" plant) from $26.94 $32.65
Houseplant Potting Soil
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Coastal Turquoise 3-Hole Wooden Airplants Holder
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Gardening tools specifically for planting and caring for succulents: watering bottles, succulent potting kits, gardening tools and care guides/ ID cards. 

A personalized gardening tool set ideal for gifting to any gardener. Made very suitable for succulent beginners as well, we have Care guides and ID Cards that will help you identify your succulents and give them the care they need. Impress your loved ones, friends and family when you gift them these tools & care guides.