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Beautiful like flowers but far more resilient, succulents make the perfect wedding gift, decoration, or take-home present! Succulents last far longer than traditional flowers when used as decoration, making them perfect for bouquets, unique table settings, garlands, and boutonnieres. Plus, when you’re finished using the succulents as decoration, plant them in fresh soil for a long-lasting, one-of-a-kind memento.

Our wedding collection has everything you’ll need to make your special day perfect. Browse party favor trays, wedding gifts, and greeting cards to personalize your event and make it memorable. 

Succulent party favor trays feature a package of 64 two-inch, rooted succulents, available in assorted, random, cacti, or rosette varieties. Succulents come in plastic pots, but we’ll provide terracotta pots for each plant for an additional charge. For wedding gifts, check out our gift boxes! With three varieties available, choose up to two succulents or air plants of your choice and a customizable greeting card. Some boxes also feature our signature cactus plush. If you’re looking for individual succulents, check out our beautiful single-potted and DIY succulent sets: each set comes with a succulent of your choosing and an adorable matte terracotta pot. 

Our greeting cards feature original, succulent (and now houseplant) themed artwork and come blank on the inside, so you’ll have plenty of room to write your own special message. Browse our three varieties of “save the date” cards, four “thank you” cards, and our extra-special “with love” cards to find the perfect way to share the love. All cards come with envelopes for mailing, and upon request, we’ll write out a handwritten message on your card.

For even more extra-special personalization, we’ve got an array of succulent stickers available in beautiful watercolor illustrations and personalized plant carrier gift bags and stickers for them. To personalize your stickers, contact us with your chosen font and design details, or send us an image file with your design on it to customer service after ordering.

Check out this quick video to see How To Make A Succulent Wedding Bouquet | DIY Bouquet Tutorial with Succulents Box

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Gift Box - Set of 3 Rosette Succulent Soaps $18.99 $25.00
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Random Succulent Wedding and Party Favors Tray from $190.00 $320.00
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Succulent with Small Modern Cylinder Pot from $12.60
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