So cute!
"This is a beautiful succulent! It arrived nicely packed, and in great condition! Thank you!"
Sandra T.
"I love as well and I love the pink "
liseth h.
Thank you
"I’m so in love with the plants and they are very beautiful,I’m ready to order more "
liseth h.
Adorable and healthy!
"I love them! They arrive packed separately which keeps them in good shape. Be sure to read the instructions and you’ll have wonderful, healthy plants every time!! They also provide the name for each plant and instructions for each !!"
Linda K.
"The plants arrived in great condition and we can’t wait to see what we’ll get next month!"
Derrick C.
all arrived in great shape as usual
"All the plants I have purchased from succulent box have done well."
Mary L.
Very Healthy Plant
"I didn’t know my plant was being sent to the PO BOX and not my house. It stayed there for 2 days before I realized and got it out. I was so happy to open and see a very healthy and beautiful plant. Definitely worth the purchase."
Safiya C.
"Loved them can't wait to get the next shipment"
julie s.
"I am completely addicted! Can't wait to get more!"
Nancy M.
Bello me encanta como todas sus plantas!😊😊
"Buena experiencia! Un empaque perfecto. Estoy muy felíz😊😊"
Yolanda G.
2 Succulents/month auto renew
"The plants can great love them can't wait for next months shipment"
Rebecca S.
Lovely, ship well, and seem hardy!
"I received the 2" in the mail along with a few other succulents. The first thing I noticed was how hard they were-- very unique, and a good firm plant that ships VERY well. They did not come in a 2" container, but wrapped in a bit of tissue paper soil-less (maybe that's how they come, or because I had a few other succulents in the box to fit them all), but had very nice and hardy roots. There was one small scar on one of the leaves, but I don't mind. They are very healthy and I am so very happy with this purchase. I am likely to buy more in the future, and recommend this plant. I love them! :^)"
Beautiful, ships well!
"I ordered the 2" pot of this succulent. They are very beautiful and hardy to ship, but arrived a little pale (this is expected over a few days trip in the summer; leaves very healthy and stiff yet). Still, the leaves were tipped with a nice shade of pink, and adjusted after shipping very well. Arrived very healthy, well packed, and with excellent well draining soil. They look wonderful and have lots of small healthy leaves in the center that I can't wait for to grow big and healthy. Thank you as always! :^D"
"I have ordered this succulent twice (once on succulentsbox's ebay, and once here). They are a little smaller than the ones shown (a little less chunky) but very healthy beautiful baby plants. I cant wait for them to get bigger so they can hang from a pot. The 4" did not ship as well as the 2" did, so I recommend if you live farther away (I am in Michigan) you try the smaller one. These are a very delicate plant, but only one single leaf broke off of the 2" I ordered. Much more broke off from the 4" pot, but it included many babies and leaves making it still a better deal than most on the internet (fault of the post of course, these were packed nicely). The soil included is really well draining, and I find it to be a very nice mix! I will definitely be ordering again when I have more to spend. "
"Arrived dry and wimpy but after potting and a little rain has perked right up and is gorgeous!"
Erica D.
"Omg these tools are amazing. So helpful with little plants!"
Erica D.
"nice variety but plants are very small"
donna r.
"Loved the four little plants I received! Can’t wait for next months box!"
Sooooo Cute!
"I am slightly obsessed with succulents so I have received two shipments so far. They are smaller than I expected but soooo cute and different varieties from what I can find at my local plant store. "
Jennifer C.
loved the plants
"The plants were in a very good condition and were ready to be planted. i love the being able to open them and be surprised about what i got. Thank you so much. "
Love my succulents
"Absolutely the cutest pair. Looking forward to next month's!"
Koreen F.
They were beautiful :) Can’t
"They were beautiful :) Can’t wait to get my little babies next month."
melissa s.
More information please !
"I have been very happy with the plants I have received from you company so far. The one issue I have had is I wish they came with more care based information. I was very excited to have received a lithop in this months shipment but didn’t know much about them and accidentally overwatered it upon arrival and i don’t have much hope for its recovery. I haven’t had this issue with any other plants in particular but I do wish to have had more information with each. The first box came with cards that had the names of each plant on them but that’s all, and the second box didn’t even come with that. Basic watering and reporting instructions would be very helpful "
Mary B.
Mary, Thank you for the purchase, Here is the care guide for you: https://succulentsbox.com/pages/care-guide If you have any questions please feel free to let us know. - SucculentsBox.Com
These are very nice succulents, that bloom with flowers
"I like these, they are a pretty sedum, that are much easier to grow and hold up quite well..."
Tina P.
healthy delivery!
"All five plants ordered arrived in good condition and are thriving. Thanks!"
Emily H.
String of pearls-delivery and product
"Product was exactly as promised and arrived in very good health. Thanks!"
M F.
Love them ! Looking forward
"Love them ! Looking forward expanding my collection :) "
Alice R.
Love It
"They came healthy and so cute I am so glad I found this subscription service"
Julie S.
Absolutely Gorgeous and Easy to Care for!
"Order arrived right on time. The succulents arrived in great condition. Absolutely stunning and are just as depicted in the description box and in the photos! I’m so happy with my order and plan on ordering more in the future! "
Shaylee Oney
Lithops and Kalanchoe
"The Lithops were great, no problems there. The Kalanchoe again had a tough time shipping. The first one didn’t make it and you replaced it with a beautiful Sempervivum. This second one I purchased with the lithops because I wanted to have this plant. Your photos are beautiful on your website. Most of the leaves fell off and several stems were broken. I salvaged a small part of the whole plant and I’m trying to get it healthy and growing. I’ll see how it goes. I don’t worry about plants that have a tough time in shipping because you guys are always willing to make good on them. Next time I’ll get the 4” plant, maybe that will ship better than the younger plant. "
Michael S.