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    Syngonium Neon Robusta from $13.72 $14.45
    Marble Queen Pothos from $17.00
    Satin Pothos Scindapsus Pictus from $24.75
    Pothos N'joy Hanging Basket $31.45
    Hoya Australis Lisa Hanging Basket from $47.74
    Ivy Plant Hanging Basket $31.55
    Glacier English Ivy from $31.75
    String Of Hearts Ceropegia woodii from $8.75
    Curly Spider Plant 'Bonnie' from $16.75
    Pothos N'joy from $20.99
    Ceropegia woodii String of Spades from $37.99 $40.30
    Ceropegia Linearis String of Needles from $28.95
    Hoya Obovata Splash from $18.45
    Philodendron Cordatum Brasil from $44.95
    Trailing Hoya Kerrii Heart (At least 3+ leaves) from $19.99 $24.99
    Syngonium Pink Allusion from $14.45
    Ivy Plant from $16.65
    String Of Pearls Senecio Rowleyanus from $7.25
    Senecio String of Bananas from $7.75