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This collection of Best Trailing/Hanging Succulents is exciting if you’re a succulent lover.

Succulents that hang or trail are becoming more and more popular because of how aesthetically pleasing they are as they spill over from their hanging baskets. It's no wonder these beautiful "spillers" are perfect for any garden dish. 

We offer a collection of attractive trailing or hanging succulents for succulent lovers. Trailing or hanging succulents have a cascading growth habit. It is best to grow them in hanging baskets or trailing as vines in a container to show off their draping nature. It can be grown indoors and outdoors in different climates. These succulents are low maintenance, trendy and some are quite unusual. They can be found anywhere from hanging baskets, fairy garden teapots, living wreaths, and wall art, to anywhere in between. They look great almost anywhere you stick them in, and they add plenty of charm and character to any arrangement. 

Trailing and Hanging succulents sit well on shelves, windowsills, or suspended from the ceiling. Many types of hanging house plants can grow well in low-light conditions. We suggest it's best to use well-drained soil and containers with wide drainage holes to help excess moisture evaporate quickly and only water when the soil is dry.

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Crassula Baby Necklace 139 reviews from $5.75
String Of Pearls Senecio Rowleyanus 712 reviews from $6.75
Calico Kitten Crassula 141 reviews from $5.75
Sedum Donkey's Tail Succulent 243 reviews from $5.75
Variegated String Of Pearls 41 reviews from $18.85
Ruby Necklace Succulent 49 reviews from $6.75
String Of Turtles 3 reviews from $26.95
String Of Hearts Ceropegia woodii 116 reviews from $8.25
String of Dolphins Senecio Peregrinus Succulent 96 reviews from $7.35
Cotyledon Pendens 1 review from $7.60
Sedum Little Missy Succulent 48 reviews from $6.75
Senecio String of Bananas 77 reviews from $5.75
Ceropegia Linearis String of Needles 1 review from $26.95 $40.30
Pink Ice Plant Succulent 32 reviews from $6.75