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Xerosicyos danguyi (Silver Dollar Vine) from $22.99 $27.99
String Of Pearls Senecio Rowleyanus from $6.25 $7.25
Calico Kitten Crassula from $6.25
Crassula Baby Necklace from $6.25
Sedum Little Missy Succulent from $7.25
Ruby Necklace Succulent from $7.25
Pink Ice Plant Succulent from $7.25
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String of Tears Senecio Herreianus from $6.25
String Of Hearts Ceropegia woodii from $8.99
Green Jelly Bean Sedum from $6.25
Variegated String Of Pearls from $8.85
Sedum Donkey's Tail Succulent from $6.25
Variegated String of Hearts from $12.99