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Gift Box - 1 Succulent and 1 Heart-Shaped Soap $24.80
Mother's Day Gift Box - 1 Heart-Shaped Soap and 1 Hoya Kerrii Heart/ Rosette Succulent from $24.80
Gift Box - Set of 3 Rosette Succulent Soaps $18.99 $25.00
Gift Box - 1 Rosette Succulent Soap and 1 Soy Candle $23.00
Gift Plant with Pot $15.65
Gift Plant | Succulent Gift Plant $5.75
Gift Box - 1 Soy Candle and 1 Heart Glitter Soap $24.25
In this collection, you'll discover an enchanting array of gifts at a very affordable price. With the same level of attention to detail as our other collections, each gift box is designed to bring happiness and warmth to your special ones. Our budget-friendly options include delightful succulent varieties and other charming accessories that will spark joy in your life. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one today, as our collection proves that you don't have to spend a fortune to experience the beauty of succulents.