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Outdoor succulents are weird, colorful plants that enhance contemporary design. These plants love being outdoors where they can receive loads of bright light, which is essential for them to stay healthy and beautiful. Outdoor succulent plants can be grown and used successfully in containers, rock gardens, ground cover, or landscaping to make a great green space.


When it comes to growing succulents outdoor, a lot depends not only on the type of plant but also on environmental factors. However, if you are a novice, you should begin with those varieties that are easy to grow. Succulent like Sempervivum and Sedum which does not require extra care and are adaptable to even dappled areas are your perfect choice.  

However, if you want make sure your outdoor plant can grow healthy, it is necessary to take some further steps accessing other external factors that might have impact on their growth. There are some major environmental factors that we have to put into consideration: temperature, moisture, and amount of sunlight. 

Temperature: You need to make sure that you live in planting zones ranging from three to nine to grow succulents outdoor.

Sunlight:  A six-hour sunlight is recommended to keep your succulent happy but putting your succulent under full blazing sun is not always a good idea. However, giving proper sunlight depends on the variety you choose to grow

Soil: Soil need to drain well; if it doesn't, it could negatively impact plants' health. To high-resistant genus like succulents, well-drained soil is no doubt indispensable.

Water: Always remember to check the soil is a couple of inches dry before giving your succulents more water

 If you are looking for succulents that grow well outdoors but have not found a clue yet, don't worry, because Succulent Box already prepare for you 10 Best Succulents and Cacti to Grow in Full Sun. Besides, you can visit our blog posts to learn more on How to Grow Succulents Outdoor and Key Reminders to Grow Succulents in Full Sun. We hope these colorful succulents and cacti will bring you joy.

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