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Key reminders to grow succulents in full sun

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Key reminders to grow succulents in full sun


Succulents are colorful and distinctive plants that store water in their leaves or stems, giving them the ability to survive harsh environments in long periods. Despite widespread belief, most succulent can't flourish under extreme temperatures and full sun exposure without extra care and attention.

If you are new in the succulents world, this article will definitely help you determine what factors you need to consider in choosing the right succulent to grow under full sun and hot temperatures, and as well as how to properly take care of one.

Type of Succulent

Since not all varieties are able to survive under full sun and other harsh outdoor environments may harm certain succulents, considering the type of succulents growing succulents outdoors under this condition depends on its type. So it is best to do some research first before taking your succulents outside under the full sun. 



For example, if what you have is an Aeonium, this is a succulent genus that is winter grower. So you may encounter some problems with them during Summer, which is their dormant period. For cactus on the other hand, they prefer warmer temperatures and can tolerate extreme heat. But if you are looking for a different plant other than cactus, you may also consider Agaves, Senecio Blue Chalk Sticks, and Echeverias, as these types of succulents do fairly well under hot climates. 



You may also consider the succulents that some people around your area have, as there’s a high possibility that those kinds of succulents can handle the temperatures in your area.


Age and Size of the Succulent

One of the major factors that you need to consider when growing succulents outdoors also depends on its age and size, as the larger they are, the less they will get affected by hot temperatures. This is because large succulents have already established a deeper root system, helping them survive harsh environments. 

Age and Size of the Succulent


As for younger and smaller succulents, like newly planted ones or fresh cuttings, will need a lot of attention, as they may quickly get sunburn and die. This will most likely happen, especially when left in 90-degree weather or warmer for too long.

Containers vs. Ground

Planting succulents in the ground is the best way to grow them outdoors. This will help them stay cooler, as the soil in the ground does not heat up right away, making it possible for them to still thrive under harsh environments. 

Planting succulents

But if you prefer growing succulents in containers, make sure to closely monitor and transfer them as soon as you see that their surrounding environment gets too harsh for them.

succulent pots


This is because succulents in containers can only take heat for a short time and if left outside under 100-degree weather, it doesn’t take long for their leaves to heat up and dry out or burn, especially if they are in direct sunlight.

Give them time to adapt

Although succulents are known to be sun-lovers, introducing them to direct sunlight will most likely shock the plants with the sudden changes with its growing environment, and may even cause problems like sunburn, which eventually lead to killing your succulents.

sunburn succulent


To avoid such from happening, make sure to give your succulents at least 2-3 weeks to cope up to its new environment, especially with the amount of sun exposure you want them to adapt.

Be aware of the sign

sun damage

Succulents are very sensitive plants. They usually show some clear signs telling you that the current environment they are in is already too harsh for them. 

So if you see that your succulents are withering or getting sun damage, provide them some protection right away, like sheer cloth. However, it is still best to move them to a less sunny spot for a while and just gradually introduce them back to a full sun spot for a few weeks.


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