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How succulents react to weather and sun

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How succulents react to weather and sun



Succulents prefer a temperate climate with the temperatures ranging from 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. While most of them can tolerate full sun, some might get sunburnt under the highest temperatures of the afternoon. Therefore, we do not recommend exposing your succulents to full sun in temperatures above 90°F to avoid doing damage to them. Put them under filtered sunlight in the morning/evening only and give them full or partial shade in the afternoon.

Succulents that are not used to direct sunlight, such as those that are newly planted and those that have been growing indoors or in a greenhouse, will need to be slowly introduced to more sunlight. Keep them in the shade first and gradually give them a slightly more amount of sunlight each day. 


You might notice your succulents change or lose the vibrant colors they used to have at the time you purchased them. Some might slowly fade to green within a couple of months, especially when grown in the shade or in areas that aren't naturally well-lit. Succulents need bright sunlight all day or at least 6 hours a day to maintain their bright colors. However, losing their colors doesn't indicate that the plants are unhealthy either. They will grow and reproduce as normal, but will stay green unless they receive more sunlight.

Keep your Succulents colorful


Heat can sometimes help maintain the deep colors for many succulents, especially for soft succulents. You can also use cold weather to “stress” succulents into changing color. The ideal temperature for most succulents is somewhere around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. As the temperatures drop (but stay above 40 degrees) you’ll notice many colors will start to intensify. These colors are accentuated from the cold (but not freezing) temperatures over an extended period of time.


How succulents react to weather and sun

How succulents react to weather and sun

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Article source: Succulents and Sunshine

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