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    You're all about brightening up your space in any way you can, from fresh decor to new plant babies? And since we could all always use a little more color, we’re on the hunt for plants whose leaves have hues other than green. From traditional succulents to more unusual specimens, we pick out colorful succulents and cactus that will add some cheer to your home. 

    These succulents are adorable, unique, low-maintenance, and easy-care plants. Our Colorful Succulents Collection will definitely bring gorgeous color accents into your outdoor and indoor home décor.  

    We update this collection frequently to show you the most colorful succulents we offer!

    With just a few clicks, we will ship you these beautiful plants right to your doorstep.

    Care Guide

    - Sun Exposure:

    Some succulents might change or lose the vibrant colors they used to have at the time of purchase. Some might slowly fade to green within a couple of months, especially when grown in the shade or in areas that aren't naturally well-lit. Succulents need bright sunlight all day or at least 6 hours a day to become “stressed” and display their bright colors.

    - Temperature:

    Succulents tend to prefer a temperate climate with the temperatures ranging from 60 to 80°F. Some can tolerate temperatures as low as 40°F or as high as 90°F. Gardeners sometimes use these extreme temperatures to “stress” their succulents into changing color. High temperatures from 80°F to 90°F can sometimes help maintain the deep colors for many succulents, especially for soft succulents. As the temperatures drop (but stay above 40°F) you’ll notice many colors will start to intensify

    - Soil:

    Same like other succulents and cactus, make sure your soil is porous and well-drained with at least 50% inorganic matter.

    - Water:

    Most people don’t know that succulents that are watered regularly often revert to shades of green. Those receiving a little less water than usual had to store water inside their leaves so the leaves become fatter, juicier and tend to “blush” or change colors. So try keeping your succulents thirsty and letting the soil stay completely dry for a few weeks later than your usual watering schedule to see if the magic happens. 

     Read more here to learn more about How to make your succulents turn red!!

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