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You got a lovely succulent collection but now want something different to add more colors and distinction? Here we got a large collection of rare & unusual succulents from California, updated regularly! They are amazing and alluring plants, rich textures, varied colors, and showy blooms that make a dramatic impact in any container or garden design. The leaves of these plants have very unique and interesting structures, so does the color variant. These unusual succulents that will definitely add more personality and uniqueness!

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Moonstones Pachyphytum 326 reviews from $7.75
Baby Toes Fenestraria 93 reviews from $6.75
Lithops Living Stones 85 reviews from $8.35
Graptoveria Fred Ives 63 reviews from $7.35
Variegated Ghost Plant 54 reviews from $6.75
Purple Heart Tradescantia Pallida 36 reviews from $5.75
Graptoveria Bashful 26 reviews from $5.75
Ice Plant Corpuscularia Lehmannii 54 reviews from $6.75
Graptoveria Debbie Succulent 30 reviews from $5.75
Adenium Obesum Desert Rose 53 reviews from $11.75
Pink Ice Plant Succulent 32 reviews from $6.75
Rosularia Platyphylla 15 reviews from $5.75
Elephant Bush 32 reviews from $5.75
Dancing Bones Hatiora Salicornioides 27 reviews from $6.75
Split Rock Pleiospilos Nelii 29 reviews from $6.75
Concrete Leaf Titanopsis Calcarea 17 reviews from $6.75
Lavender Pebbles Graptopetalum 12 reviews from $6.75