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How to grow and care for Echeveria Black Knight plant

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How to care for Echeveria Black Knight


While succulents are famous for their sturdiness and drought-resistance, they still need proper care to grow healthy. Particularly, Echeveria Black Knight needs extra care to stay happy and healthy. Considering that, we are providing you with a guide that will help you take proper care of your Echeveria Black Knight.


No doubt, Echeveria Black Knight looks amazingly beautiful in the patio planters. But, it is important to consider the climate condition of your region before adding these plants to your garden. Since these succulents are native to Central America and Mexico, they are unlikely to survive in the cold climate. In other words, Echeveria Black Knight will die in the freezing temperatures.

If you live in cold region and giving up on growing these incredible succulents because of the climate, there is a solution for you. You can grow Echeveria Black Knight indoors while providing them with the utmost care they need.


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Echeveria Black Knight loves the full sun; however, make sure to avoid afternoon sunlight in the summers and drastic sunlight changes for your plant to thrive. Not to mention, drastic changes in lighting can stress out your plant.

As mentioned earlier, Echeveria Black Knight loves to bask in sunlight, which means you will need to ensure your plant gets enough sunlight. But, in case you live in a region that has hot climate, bring your succulent in a shady spot in afternoon.

When the weather is hot and dry, direct and intense sunlight may affect your Echeveria Black Knight’s health and eventually burn the plant.  In case the damage to leaves is severe, it is best to trim out the burned leaves. Not to worry; a new stalk will start to re-grow within a few days.


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Water the soil but not in much quantity; make sure that the water does not sit in the rosettes of your Echeveria Black Knight. Note that, excessive watering and too much moisture on the foliage can make the plant rot. Even worse, it can lead to fungal diseases that can kill your Echeveria Black Knight over time.

While watering, you need to ensure the water trickles down through the drainage hole. But do not water again until the potting mix feels dry to touch. If you notice that your Echeveria Black Knight leaves are becoming shriveled or wilted, it is a sign that you have been overwatering it. In such a situation, avoid watering your plant for a few days.

Since the succulents store water in their chubby leaves, they do not require water too often; therefore, decrease watering during winters.


Like some other succulents, Echeveria Black Knight does not require fertilizer. However, if you mix it in the soil, keep in mind that too much of fertilizer can burn the leaves of your plant. Therefore, add only a slow-release fertilizer in little quantity to your plant. Avoid adding fertilizer in winters and fall.


If you are growing the Echeveria Black Knight outdoors, remember that they will flourish well in poor to average soil. However, the plant grows indoors is likely to thrive in cactus potting mix. If you could not find it, you may use a mixture of perlite/sand and potting mix. Like many other succulents, the soil of Echeveria Black Knight drains quickly, which helps prevent the moisture from rotting the roots.


If you want to grow your Echeveria Black Knight indoors, you will need a suitable-sized container for it. Depending on the plant size, you will need to choose the right-sized plant pot for your succulent.

Keep in mind, too small container will suppress the roots, affecting its growth. Large pots, on the other hand, provide extra room for the water to sit in. Therefore, opt for the plant container for your container that perfectly fits the size of your Echeveria Black Knight.

The Bottom Line

Echeveria Black Knight Careguide

Although growing Echeveria Black Knights is easy, they need to be cared properly to thrive. Therefore, make sure to provide your plant with the right growing conditions, as mentioned above.

Besides, when your Echeveria Black Knight matures, make sure to remove the lower leaves as they are prone to aphids and other pests. Also, if you are growing the plant indoors in fall, do not forget to place them to the outdoors in spring for healthy growth. 

How to grow and care for Echeveria Black Knight plant


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