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Planting Succulents - Soil for Succulents

Succulents Planting

Dealing with delicate succulents and roots is not always easy. This guide will give you a detailed instruction on how to plant or repot your succulents in new containers.


Soil mix is one of the most important ingredients in a recipe for beautiful and healthy succulents. Soil mix for succulents is different from regular garden soil mix. Well-drained and porous soil is crucial in preventing root rotting in succulents.

Soil Mix for Succulents

Soil mix for Succulents

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You can start by buying cactus and succulent soil mix that is readily available at your local garden centers. Then you can add some type of soil conditioner into the mix (such as perlite or pumice) to loosen the density of the soil, leaving the soil mix more porous and improving the drainage.

You can also create your own potting mix for succulents by mixing an organic substance (e.g., peat moss, coir, compost) with an inorganic matter (e.g., perlite, pumice, chicken grit, crushed granite).


Soil Mix for Succulents
Soil Mix
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If you plan to have your succulents in containers, you should pay attention to whether these containers will be appropriate for the health and growth of your plants. We recommend containers made of porous and breathable materials like concrete, terracotta, and ceramic so that water can evaporate quickly. Other materials such as plastic, wood, metal, or glass make some nice containers as well but they do have their disadvantages when it comes to planting succulents. Read our previous article for more information on thepros and cons of different pot materials.

Pot for Succulents


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Whatever pot materials you decide to go with, it’s most important that your pot has a drainage hole at the bottom to eliminate excess water out of the soil. This drainage hole also helps with the oxygen circulation inside the soil, allowing it to dry faster, and promotes root health.


What you need:
  1. Succulent planter with drainage hole
  2. Porous and well-drained succulent mix
  3. Bare root plant
  4. Potting kit


Potting Kit for Succulents


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Make sure the pot is at least 2 inches larger than the diameter of the succulent to leave room for the plant to grow as well as to make it easier for you when watering the soilyou shouldn’t water your succulents on their leaves.

Use a small shovel from the potting kit to fill ¾ of the container with the succulent soil mix.
    Soil for Succulents
    Gently loosen up the roots of your succulent and remove any dead roots or old dirt stuck to it.

    Succulents planting

    In the new soil, dig a shallow hole that fits your succulent and slowly put the roots of the plant in the hole.
      Succulents planting
      Cover the entire roots with soil mix until the soil reaches the base of the succulent. Make sure you don’t cover any parts of the leaves or let the leaves touch the soil at all. This is necessary to prevent the leaves from absorbing too much moisture from the soil and become rotten.

        Succulents planting

        Add some top dressing pebbles on top of the soil

          Succulents planting

          Voilà! You now have a beautiful pot of succulent!

          Succulents planting



          WARNING: Do not water your succulents right after you plant them. Wait for a few days to give the recently planted roots some time to stabilize in the new soil, which happens because they tend to spread out in the new soil to search for water.


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