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8 Types of Outdoor Succulents for Extreme Cold Weather

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8 Types of Outdoor Succulents for Extreme Cold Weather



For those in colder climates, growing succulents outdoor in winter time can sound intimidating. After all they’re known for loving sunlight and not the opposite, however there are still species of succulents that do well in snow weather. These are Sempervivums and hardy Sedum.



Sempervivums are cold hardy to- 30 degrees Fahrenheit (Hardiness Zone 4 - Zone 9). Low temperature in the winter may make their rosettes close up a little tighter and their colors darker (some turn deep red) as these are Sempervivums natural defense mechanism against cold weather.

Sempervivum Red Lion

Sempervivum Red Lion is a perennial easy-to-grow succulent that is perfect in containers. It can live in very cold area therefore it is also a great plant for outdoor gardens in cold weather. Hardiness Zone 4a - Zone 6a (-30°F to -5°F).


Sempervivum Mahogany 

Sempervivum Mahogany is an evergreen perennial succulent that forms mats of beautiful multicolored rosettes. Sempervivum Mahogany has leafy stems that produce clusters of star-shaped, light pink flowers in summer. Hardiness Zone: Zone 3b - Zone 11: -35 °F to 40°F.


Sempervivum Calcareum 

Sempervivum calcareum, also known as Houseleek, is a succulent perennial plant that can reach 6 inches (15 cm) tall. Sempervivum calcareum forms dense mats by multiplying via short-stalked offsets. Hardiness Zone: Zone 7b: 5 to 10 °F.


Sempervivum Cobweb

Sempervivum Cobweb- Sempervivum arachnoideum (Cobweb Hens and Chicks) is a small-growing selection of hen and chicks. Their pointy blue-green rosettes are covered with crisscrossing fine white threads that resemble a cobweb. Hardiness Zone: Zone 5a - 8b: -20 to 20 °F.

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Hardy Sedum

Hardy Sedum or Stonecrop Sedum is another resilient species. They sometimes respond to cold weather by dropping their leaves, taking a temporary “death”, but under their dead foliage some new growth is forming. Some Sedums turn brilliant color when temperature drops and still look amazing after the snow.

Sedum Dasyphyllum Major

Sedum Dasyphyllum Major, also known as Corsican Stonecrop or Blue Tears Sedum, is a quick-to-grow evergreen succulent. Sedum Dasyphyllum Major can withstand light foot traffic, making it an excellent low-water lawn substitute. Hardiness zone: Zone 5a - 6a: -20 to -5 °F.


Sedum Golden Moss

Sedum Golden Moss is an evergreen perennial creeping groundcover that is perfect for rock gardens. It forms a beautiful mat with small star-shaped bright yellow flowers in spring and summer. Hardiness zone: Zone 3a - zone 9a: -40 to 25 °F.


Dragon's Blood Sedum

Dragon Blood Sedum is an amazing sedum with hot pink flowers that bloom in early to late summer. Its leaves are green in warmer weather, but turn a gorgeous wine red in cool temperature. Hardiness zone: 3a - 4a: -40 to -25 °F.


Cape Blanco Sedum

Sedum Spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco' is an adorable miniature sedum with tiny white silvery rosettes. The rosettes are covered in a waxy coating that prevents moisture loss. In cooler weather, the rosettes can turn plummy pink. Hardiness zone: 5a to 9b: −20 °F  to 30 °F. 

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Like other succulents, even though Sempervivums and Hardy Sedum can survive extreme cold weather, their growing area in the garden need good drainage so that they won’t rot from melting snow.

When getting Sempervivums and Sedum from warmer weather,  you need to give them gradual acclimation before planting outdoor in snow weather. These species are two of the most resilient succulents so even if they don’t look so good in the winter, they’ll come back lush and healthy.


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