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Why and How you should use top dressings for your succulents

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Topdressing for succulents


Have you ever wondered what the white pebbles at the top of the soil are used for? These are called top dressing or decorative stones. Topdressing means adding a layer of material to the top of your potted succulent to either create a tidy, more finished look or keep the soil from shifting around. We have listed the best top dressings for succulents and how they will make your every daycare much easier.

Why do you need topdressing?

Topdressing for lithops succulent pot

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Some of the most popular topdressings for succulent include colorful pebbles, Polish white pebbles, Brown wood pebbles, gravels, sand, crushed charcoal, rocks, and green moss

Topdressing is a great decoration. They come in various colors and sizes, which is perfect if you want a more polished look for your indoor containers. For many outdoor landscapes, topdressing also serves as an important part of the comprehensive aesthetic. They can make a difference in what kind of statement you want to present. From the rough look of gravel to the pop-of-color provided by numerous kinds of moss, pebble, each variety of topsoil should be selected carefully based on their use and overall design.

It's also fun to add in different types of top dressing to add variety to the collection. For similar-looking hybrids, you can put very different top dressings on them. It helps you identify your plants more easily.

What’s more important, topdressing can make your plant daily care much easier. For plants that are susceptible to root rot and fungal issues, a chunky top dressing like pebbles or gravel would be helpful to avoid having water sit against the lower leaves. Heavy topdressing also keeps soil in place when watering since succulent soil mix is very light and tends to fly everywhere easily.


Topdressing is a great decoration

Since all succulents prefer a well-drained medium, avoid using moss or non-porous material as topdressing since they trap moisture and keep the soil wet for a long time. 

How to style your pot with topdressing

Choosing the right dressing material that matches your containers is also important. The right color and size of the topdressing can add a professional touch to the finished look of the pots. You can either choose to topdress with the same color palettes of your succulents and pots or choose a contrast color to make it pop. If you’re not good with color combination, a neutral color like white or pastel will do the work. Here are some design inspirations for your succulent topdressing.

1. Simple indoor arrangement

Simple indoor succulents arrangement


Rather than doing something complicated, you can start a simple arrangement from what you have. Recycle an unused item like a teapot, glass, or plastic bottle. Then add a little twist with gravel or charcoal, and voila, a neat and chic arrangement. Place one of these on your working desk and it will help freshen up the whole space.


2. Zen garden

Topdressing for succulents, Zen garden


Creating a zen garden of succulents is a great way to showcase your artistic sensibilities. Japanese traditional zen gardens consist mostly of gravels and rocks so it’s perfect when you don’t have a large collection or time to maintain your arrangement. Black and white pebbles are popular in zen garden crafting since they can highlight the beauty of your succulents. Simple yet sophisticated, the zen garden will become a showstopper in your home.

3. Succulents in an open terrarium

Succulents in an open terrarium, top dressing, succulents box


A succulent terrarium is a great example of using top dressing in glass containers. The fine texture and color of the sand and the popping colors of succulents give off an elegant and minimalist vibe.

4. Mini cactus garden

Mini cactus garden, succulents box, cactus


If you’re a cactus fanatic, a miniature garden would be a perfect decor idea for you. Once you’ve finished designing your cactus arrangement, don’t forget to add the final touch with sand or rock of contrasting or neutral color. 




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