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How to propagate cactus easy & fast

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How to propagate cactus easy and fast, Succulent Propagation



Cactus is a great addition to the home thanks to its striking shape, size, and flowers. It’s a unique, decorative way to add an accent to any living space, whether it's on your windowsill or arranged together on a shelf. 

Besides, increasing your cactus collection without spending a single penny is simple. Even beginners will be able to perform it easily through cuttings, offset, or pad propagation, and it gets much easier with practice. And through this article, you will learn all the tricks you need to know, which will prepare you to start propagating your cacti in many ways to your heart's content.

How to propagate from cuttings

How to propagate cactus from cuttings, Cactus propagation

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Most cacti can be easily propagated from stem cuttings, especially those whose stems are formed of segments like  blue candles,  prickly pears, and  Christmas cacti


Step 1: First, choose a healthy stem (those who are at least 10cm long) and cut it off cleanly using a clean sharp scissor. For spiny cacti, it is recommended to use tongs when handling them. Then, lay your cuttings on a windowsill area and leave them until they healed.


How to propagate cactus from cuttings, Cactus succulent propagation

<Source: laidbackgardener.blog> 

Step 2: Fill a pot with cactus peat, then insert the base of your cutting. Make sure that you insert it deep enough to stand upward. 

Step 3: Water generously, then place the pot on a warm windowsill, ideally away from direct sunlight and cover them with a plastic bag.

Step 4: Check your cuttings every now and then, and water only when the soil feels dry. Most cactus will root within a month, but it may take longer for new growth to show.

How to propagate from a pad

How to propagate cactus succulent from a pad, Cactus propagation, How to grow cactus plant

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Growing your cactus from pads propagation is one of the easiest and popular methods to quickly expand your collection. And the steps below should walk you through the process to ensure your success.

Step 1: Grab a cactus pad with your tongs and break it off of the main plant. If you don't have tongs, make sure to put on gloves since these cactus are spiky. For most cacti, this will be easy to do and you’ll get a clean break. If you find this difficult, use a clean sharp knife and cut one of the pads off.


How to propagate cactus succulent from a pad


Step 2: Once your pad has calloused over, lay them flat right on top of the soil. Then simply soak the soil with water (like what you would do for a full-grown cactus). It is important to check the soil every now and then to make sure that they are fairly moist. This will motivate their roots to grow faster.


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Step 3: Once your pads formed a good root system, cut back on your watering. This will help lessen the chance of getting them to rot due to over-watering. 

How to propagate from the offset

 How to propagate cactus succulent from the offset


Cacti like thimble cactus are capable of producing offsets, or what we call "pups". These so-called pups can be easily removed from their parent plant to perform propagation. Doing this type of propagation is rather faster and often has the highest success rate compared to other methods.


Step 1: Pick a cactus with lots of offsets. Choose an offset that at least be the size of a small ball (about 1.5-2 inches long), as they tend to be healthier and stronger and will increase your chance of success in propagating it.

Step 2: Remove the offsets from the parent plant using your hand by twisting it around from the connection point between the mother plant and a pup, then gently break it until it disconnects. You may also use a clean sharp knife to cute the connection point.


 How to propagate cactus succulent from the offset


Step 3:
After drying up your pup, it’s time to plant them. Simply insert 1/4 of its stem in the soil and leave them in a shaded area for days, then slowly transfer it to a lighter spot. DO NOT water your pup right after planting them. Instead, wait for about 5-7 days before watering as this will lessen any risk of rotting or other infections.


 How to propagate cactus succulent from the offset

 How to propagate cactus succulent from the offset

So Are you ready to start propagating and growing your cactus collection? If you still don't have a cactus to propagate, you can always get some of these unique and stunning cacti from Succulents Box to help you get started. 

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Enjoy your gardening with our collection of beautiful cacti. They are easy to grow, incredibly adaptable, relatively pest-free, and are low maintenance - ideal for any home, office, or garden to make a perfect green space.

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