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Why everyone should have a succulent in their office

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Why everyone should have a succulent in their office


Succulents are not just easy to grow, beautiful, and popular they are also one of the best ways to bring a little bit of freshness, greenery, and life to any living space. But succulents like aloe and agave can do much more than be an eye-pleasing accessory.

In fact, they are a truly powerful group of plants that only require little attention to stay alive and thrive. In other words, they’re incredibly easy to take care of, and having one on a desk or workplace can benefit one's overall well-being while it helps add a decorative touch at the same time.

Not convinced yet? Here are some lists showing how succulents can effortlessly improve your performance at work.


Better air circulation

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Like normal plants, succulents absorb carbon dioxide converting it into oxygen during the day time. What makes succulents different is, they do not release carbon dioxide at all (even at night!). Instead, they continue to filter out the toxic chemical, purifying the air, and producing more oxygen to inhale. And this continuous cycle of air freshening eliminates indoor pollutants. In other words, having plants in the workplace will improve air quality, making employees breathe easier.


Improve work productivity

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According to a study, productivity is to be improved in places where plants are present. It assists not only in improving concentration and focus but also reduces one’s blood pressure and increases one's productivity by up to 15 percent as it gives a positive effect on their mood.

So consider placing some plants in a spot where you can see them on your desk. Eye-catching varieties like the Zebra Plants are great in sprucing up spaces.


Reduce stress

Benefits of air plants at work, Can succulents grow in an office

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Even if you love where you work, stress is unavoidable, and while some are great at handling it, there are others that don’t. And based on some research, adding plants as one of the interior decoration is the best solution for office workers. They say that a physical connection with nature, such as touching and smelling them, helps make the environment comfortable, and relaxed mitigating physiological and psychological stress as well. 

On top of that, since the plant’s soil contains microbes dubbed, which act as antidepressants. So just the presence of its soil is already a big help to handle stress.


Give you focus

Succulents home office decor ideas, Why are succulents so popular


Some studies have found that attentiveness and brain capabilities will improve by 20% when working with plants. Not only that, placing them in areas with hard surfaces like concrete and marble walls will not only enhance concentration but also absorb noises that may distract and affect one’s productivity.

Small plants like succulents are especially beneficial at work, as they don’t take up a lot of space on your work desk and require not that much attention.


Improve the overall look of the office

Succulents decoration ideas



Having plants in an office like succulents as an interior decoration does not only add shades of green to it, they also bring an amusing feeling that leads to staff to be happier and healthier. As a matter of fact, researchers say that adding a touch of nature to your workplace can make it a more desirable place to work. It fills up the place with positive vibes, enhancing one’s perception of the space, and leaving a positive brand image to visitors.



These are just a few of the many benefits of how succulents can help with workplace stress, productivity, creativity and overall health of your team. Although you can get these benefits from just about any plant, there are some species that stand out more than the others. And here at Succulents Box, we offer dozens of species that offer a lot of wonderful ways that can benefit you throughout the day.


Enjoy your gardening with our collection of best indoor succulents. They are easy to grow, incredibly adaptable, relatively pest-free, and are low maintenance - ideal for any home, office, or garden to make a perfect green space.

Please see more How to care for your indoor succulents to ensure years of enjoyment.


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