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How to make Jellyfish Succulent Plants

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How to make Jellyfish Succulents


If you are someone who likes underwater creatures, and at the same time, looking for some fun gardening craft, then try this DIY “Jellyfish” succulent and start giving your home some beachy vibes all year round! 

And luckily, we have everything you need to know to do this! So if you are ready to level up your garden, read on to learn more.


Basically, jellyfish succulent consists of a variety of succulents assembled into a dome shape, then adding some vine-like plants that will grow towards the ground, giving it an overall jellyfish-like appearance.

Succulent jellyfish plants are absolutely beautiful, which can definitely add pop to just any space, like hanging them on trellises, patios, pergolas, or balconies. OR attach them to a flagpole or signpost if you don't have one of those!


For starters, you'll need to use the right type of hanging basket. One that perfectly can mimic the rounded body shape of a jellyfish, like a moss basket. Then, well-draining soil and at least 2 types of succulents. One can either be a cascading plant, sea urchins, or air plants to serve as the tentacles, and an echeveria or any rosette-shaped succulent for the top of the jellyfish.

How to make Jellyfish Succulents


Once you have everything you need, you can start making your own Jellyfish succulent by following these steps:

Step 1:Fill your hanging basket with succulent or cactus soil nearly to the top.

How to make Jellyfish Succulents


Step 2:Plant at least 5 cascading succulents or air plants near the rim of the basket.

How to make Jellyfish Succulents


Step 3: Cover the bottom of the hanger with felt, which is fitted properly around the tentacle plants. This is required as the basket will be turned upside down.

How to make Jellyfish Succulents


Step 4:Plant at least 5 to 6 flowering succulents of your choice inside of the hanging basket. Make sure to give each of them enough space to grow and create a bulbous look for the jellyfish.

How to make Jellyfish Succulents

Before you flip the basket over, make sure that the soil won’t fall onto the ground, especially when it is watered. In a span of just a few weeks, you should start seeing the tail lengthening and the top blossoming.



One of the great traits of a Jellyfish succulent is that it is made mostly out of succulents. And we all know that succulents don't require much water, attention, or anything else. In fact, they can take care of themselves with little to no intervention from us. Just make sure not to overwater as succulents are very prone to root rot, which will most likely kill your jellyfish succulent.

How to make Jellyfish Succulents
Water your Jellyfish Succulent thoroughly


To be specific, water your Jellyfish Succulent thoroughly (allowing the excess water to drain before putting it back to its place). Do this at least once or twice every 2 weeks, depending on how fast the soil of your succulents gets dry. During the winter season, watering once a month should be enough, as this is when most of the succulents are dormant.

Also, whenever you water your Jellyfish succulent, you need to make sure that you avoid getting the rosettes wet, as the leaves of succulents can easily rot. Instead, water it between the plants (directly into the moss).

For more watering tips, click here.


Bear in mind that succulents need lots of sunlight to keep their colors vibrant. So if you don’t want them to start fading their colors, find a spot for your Jellyfish Succulent outdoors where it can get at least 5-6 hours of morning sunlight, per day like a porch, balcony, or deck. 


How to make Jellyfish Succulents
Find a spot for your Jellyfish Succulent outdoors where it can get at least 5-6 hours of morning sunlight


If kept indoors, you may need to use a grow light or a fluorescent lamp to supplement all the light it needs per day. 


As you can see, there are countless possibilities in creating your own Jellyfish succulent. You can even make one that would fit your unique style or aesthetic. 

So if you think you are ready and are looking for different plants to mix and match in this project, you can get some of the rarest and beautiful succulents at our shop.

Happy Gardening!





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