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8 most popular hanging succulents, how to care for hanging succulents, trailing succulent for sale, How to grow hanging succulent indoor


Succulents that hang or trail are becoming more and more popular because of how aesthetically pleasing they are as they spill over from their hanging baskets. It's no wonder these beautiful "spillers" are perfect for any garden dish.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the most popular hanging succulents that are great for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

String of Pearls

These unique, insta-worthy plants have become most popular due to their super-long, trailing nature, and ability to adapt to wherever they are planted. Thanks to its small, spherical leaves' capability of storing water, this Senecio is drought-tolerant and easy to care for.


Although a beautiful addition to any garden, String of Pearls thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. Preparing porous soil in a pot with adequate drainage will ensure protection from over-watering.

Donkey Tail

Sedum Burrito Donkey's Tail Succulent, How to grow Donkey Tail Succulent Plant

Sedum Burrito Donkey's Tail Succulent | Click here to purchase

This succulent is one of the prettiest Sedums you'll ever see! It has become popular one of the well known hanging succulents because of its fleshy, tear-drop shaped leaves that often fall over the edges of the basket.


This succulent grows best in places where they can enjoy at least 6 or more hours of full sun per day. Although Donkey Tail is drought tolerant, they still need some water. So make sure to give them the regular watering schedule, especially from Spring through Fall, and ensure that the soil is dry out completely in between waterings.

String of Dolphins

Senecio String of Dolphins Hanging Succulent, How to care for Senecio String of Dolphins Plant

Senecio String of Dolphins | Click here to purchase

A trailing plant that became an instant hit as soon as it came out to the succulent community. This is because of its beautifully curved, crescent moon-shaped leaves with a fin that stick out from the stemmed vine, making them look like they’re tiny jumping dolphins. Plus, it produces some pretty white and pink flowers.


This rare succulent would bring extra charm to an ocean-themed setting. They grow well indoors too, as long as they receive enough sunlight, and since String of Dolphins hates overly wet soil, it is ideal to use a well-draining one for them to thrive.

String of Hearts

Hanging String of Hearts Succulent, How to care for String of Hearts

Hanging String of Hearts Succulent | Click here to purchase

Named after its delicate romantically-shaped trailing leaves, String of Hearts has slender vines that can quickly create a uniquely beautiful beaded curtain effect with its dangling foliage and constant pink and magenta blossoms.


String of Hearts is the perfect plant for hanging from the top shelf or on a plain-looking wall, where it can receive plenty of bright indirect sunlight. And since it is prone to rot in wet soil, it is only best to plant your String of Hearts fast-draining soil. Preferably a mix of succulent/cactus mix soil and some perlite or sand, and make sure that its container has a good drainage hole.

String of Banana

Senecio radicans String of Bananas Succulent Plant, Hanging Trailing Succulent Plant, How to care for String of Bananas Succulent

<Source: commons.wikipedia.org>

Known for its cascading vines, String of Bananas is an interesting succulent that's known for its banana-shaped leaves and tiny lavender, yellow or white flowers during Fall and Winter months.


This fast-growing and unique-looking succulent is excellent for containers or hanging baskets. They are suitable to be grown on both indoors and outdoors, as long as they are placed in a spot where it gets indirect sunlight. Since they can easily get rot when left sitting in water for too long, it's best to use well-draining pots and soil and only water when the soil is dry.

Ruby Necklace

Othonna capensis Ruby Necklace Hanging Succulent Plant, How to care for Ruby Necklace Succulent

Othonna Ruby Necklace Succulent | Click here to purchase

An attractive trailing succulent that possess some stunning purple to ruby red stems with fleshy, lush green leaves, and can produce some bright yellow, daisy-like flowers.


Ruby Necklace is a very charming succulent, especially when you place it in an area where it can get adequate sunlight. And since it may easily get root rot under heavy, wet soil conditions, make sure to use a well-draining soil mix and large pots for them to grow to its full potential.

Elephant Bush

Variegated Elephant Bush Jade Succulent Plant, How to care for Variegated Elephant Bush Plant

<Source: worldofsucculents.com>

Elephant Bush is one tough succulent that has flesh, glossy leaves which are magnificent when used to add "spiller", especially when grown in hanging baskets as they somewhat have a sprawling habit.


This large, bushing succulent is an excellent indoor houseplant, as long as it is receiving warm temperature and indirect light, as too much bright sunlight can cause their leaves to drop off. Additionally, Elephant Bush is very similar to other succulents, so make sure to use well-drained soil and containers with wide drainage holes to help excess moisture evaporate quickly.


Types of Air Plants, Tillandsia Airplants for sale, How to care for Airplants

Types of Air Plants | Click here to purchase

Air plants or also known as "Aerial Plants" are one of the best and cheapest way to add a bit of green to your home. They are adaptable, very easy to care for, and they don't even require soil to grow! So if you wish to spruce up either your home or office with a touch of nature or just want something pretty hanging off your walls or ceiling, air plant is definitely the one for you.


With the ability to provide a calming and happy environment by just hanging these fascinating little creatures around, Airplants got really popular. Just make sure that receives bright, indirect light and to soak them for at least 5 to 10 minutes using room temperature tap water for them to continuously thrive.

Baby Necklace Crassula

Crassula Baby Necklace Succulent for sale, Crassula Baby Necklace Succulent Care Instruction

<Source: Reddit.com>

This sweet, little succulent with puffy, disc-shaped leaves, Crassula Baby Necklace is one of the most unique crassulas. Plus, they look pretty lovely when placed in hanging baskets or used as a groundcover, and stands out in any grower’s collection.


Baby Necklace Crassula are relatively easy to grow, but they are prone to getting mealy bugs and fungal diseases, so never let them sit in water for too long. Make sure to use a well-draining soil to avoid root rot and throw any excess water from the saucer after a few minutes of watering them.

There are many different types of hanging succulents, and all would look great in containers or hanging pots, adding a very nice height to a planting. Plus, they are pretty easy to care for and would definitely help anyone who is trying to create a hanging garden full of drought-tolerant succulents.

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