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How To Grow and Care For Karoo Rose Lapidaria Margaretae Plant

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How To Care For Karoo Rose, Tips for Growing Karoo Rose Lapidaria Margaretae Succulent


Also known as lapidaria margaretae, rose karoo is a striking yet colored mesemb with yellow blossoms. It resembles Schwantesia Lithops and Dinteranthus. The only difference between them is while dinteranthus and lithops usually consist of one pair of leaves, rose karoo carries two to four pairs of leaves. Note that, each leaf of lapidaria margaretae is 1 cm wide and 2 cm long. As they grow, you will see clumps of three rosettes forming.

Rose karoo leaves are rounded with a pointed tip, they are thick, and usually pinkish or grey white at the base. They have short internodes and hold subsequent chubby leaves that support one another by creating compact heads. Lapidaria margaretae usually produces a single, yellow flower, with up to 100 petals and 500 stamens in the center. But the flowering isn’t always solitary. Two blossoming flowers may succeed the initial growth.


How to Grow and Care for Rose Karoo?

Karoo Rose Lapidaria margaretae

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While caring for rose karoo is quite easy and simple, they need the right conditions to grow healthy. However, the difficulties that come in between their growing period are endless. Not to mention, these nicely shaped plants need loam-based compost along with an extra soil drainage material, like perlite or gardening grit.

Furthermore, they require good light conditions and enough ventilation to grow healthier. Yet, some mesembs are cold tolerant and can survive in the mild winters, if you keep them outside. Also, most plants are sturdy enough to survive even in freezing temperatures. However, not every mesemb is that tolerant. When it comes to karoo rose, it can withstand minimum temperatures of -3 °C.


Cultivation for Karoo Rose

Well, you will be amazed to know that these plants are easier to cultivate than other succulents of the same specie. Especially in well-drained, open, and gritty soil, Karoo rose grows and thrives well. However, if you don’t provide the right environmental conditions, they will die, as these plants don’t have a tendency to survive in unfavorable growing conditions.

Karoo Rose Lapidaria margaretae Succulent

Karoo Rose Succulent | Click here to purchase


These incredibly amazing plants love to bask in moderate sunlight throughout the year. Also, you will find that the Karoo rose flourishes more in hot and sunny weather. Nevertheless, they become dormant on the hottest days, especially when the nights are warm in the summer. Not to mention, this is the time when you need to water them properly.

However, it’s best to keep your karoo rose in a shady place during the hottest days. Yet, they will still become dormant. Note that these amazing succulents will grow vigorously in the fall and may also grow in the spring.

Conversely, they will not show much growth in winter. That said, some karoo rose plants might show a little growth in cold weather, specifically when you keep them in warm conditions, for instance indoors.

When it comes to watering these miniature succulents, water them during the growing season once or twice a week. The watering needs depend on the humidity levels. After watering them, leave the plant to drain well. Also, make sure to water your karoo rose again once it dries out.

In case you still find that the soil is damp, don’t water your plant. If you worry that underwatering would kill your plant, no need to fret because it’s unlikely. Also, don’t overwater a karoo rose or else your plant will fall off or split within 24 hours.

Not to mention, it will disfigure your succulent. Yet, the mother plant will shrivel up the following season while encouraging the growth of new, unblemished karoo rose. Again, be careful while watering during winter as you may etiolate your plant.

After the old clumps of leaves are completely shriveled, the new buds will appear. This phase is growth resumption. Water your plant a little, not too much.

Why my Karoo Rose leaves shrivel up

Karoo Rose often develop new leaves during fall season and grow a little in winter. During this period of time, the outer leaves will start to shrivel up as the new leaves absorb nutrients from the old ones. Unlike Lithops, Karoo Rose can grow multiples pair of leaves at once. When new leaves emerge, give them a little water just enough to keep the new leaves happy. Give Karoo Rose a good soak at the end of summer and throughout fall season to boost their growth. Remember, when in doubt, do not water. They are more likely to die from overwatering than underwatering. 

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, caring for this mini plant is easy and simple. They need well-drained soil, poper ventilation, plenty of sunlight, and regular watering to grow happy and healthy. So, if you’re thinking to add a small, striking, and rare succulent to your plant's collection, karoo rose is perhaps the best option to go for.


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