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Neoregelia Fireball from $15.50
Rhoeo Tricolor 'Moses In The Cradle' from $14.99
Spathiphyllum Green Peace Lily from $18.99
Watermelon Rex Begonia
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Philodendron Rojo Congo
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Philodendron Jungle Boogie
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Philodendron Micans
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Philodendron Prince of Orange from $23.25
Pteris Albo Fern from $17.50
Staghorn Fern from $20.99
Guzmania hybrid Orange from $27.25
Guzmania hybrid Pink from $27.25
Guzmania hybrid Red from $27.25
Guzmania hybrid Yellow from $24.50 $27.25
Anthurium Pink from $23.25
Anthurium Lilli Pink
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Anthurium Red from $23.25
Anthurium White from $23.25
Begonia Rex from $22.25
Alocasia Sinuata Quilted Dreams
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