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    Snake Plant Sansevieria Black Gold Superba $81.95
    Philodendron Red Congo
    Sold Out
    Snake Plant Sansevieria Gold Flame from $16.45
    Spider Plant from $35.49
    Snake Plant Sansevieria Zeylanica $81.95
    Pothos N'joy Hanging Basket $31.45
    Tradescantia Nanouk
    Sold Out
    Tradescantia Zebrina Wandering Jew from $39.45
    Hoya Australis Lisa Hanging Basket from $47.74
    Pothos Jade from $14.45
    Hoya Pubicalyx Pink Silver Hanging Basket $34.75
    RARE Trailing Hoya Kerrii Heart Large Size from $172.00 $215.00
    Hoya Obovata Splash from $18.45
    Philodendron Cordatum Brasil from $44.95
    Hoya Macrophylla from $27.45
    Peperomia Watermelon from $20.75
    Medium size Dracaena Marginata
    Sold Out
    Large size Dracaena Marginata
    Sold Out
    Dracaena Warneckii
    Sold Out
    Peperomia Frost from $18.75