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Succulent Gardening tool and how to use them

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Succulent Gardening tool and how to use them


Gardening would be so much easier with the right tools. This also applies to succulent gardening. If you keep your collection small, some hand tools will suffice. But if you're thinking of creating a whole garden with dozens of succulent varieties, you'll be needing more robust tools. In this article, we have sorted out our list of essential gardening tools and their usage for you.

Succulent Gardening tool and how to use them

Plastic Kit

Mini scoop

Mini scoop is used for scooping and moving a small amount of soil so it’s perfect for adding soil to fill in spaces in an arrangement or to add topdressing if you want a more polished look for your planters.

Bucket shovel

If you want to lift and move a lot of soil to fill bigger containers, this item is exactly what you’re looking for. Bucket shovel is super useful when transferring soil to fill up large spaces so it's an essential tool for growing a large succulent collection.

Squeeze bottle (500ml)

Unlike a spray bottle, squeeze bottles allow you to easily control where the water goes. This way, you can avoid getting water on succulents’ leaves, which will significantly minimize the risk of rotten leaves, especially in humid weather. Moreover, the water stream from a squeeze bottle is stronger than a spray bottle so they can penetrate the soil deeper and reach the roots system better.

Hole punching tool

This item is used to create a hole in the soil for seedling or plant potting. If the soil is a little tough, you can use this puncher to loosen the soil and poke a hole to put the roots in. This is also a great tool for seeding or cutting propagation.

Transplanting tool

This small item comes in handy when potting and propagating succulents. The split side of it can be used to press down soil around the stem or to lift the plant or cuttings when reporting or propagating if you don’t want to touch your succulents too much. The other side is a mini scoop used to touch up your arrangement.


Wooden kit

Bow Rake

This multipurpose tool is often used to level, smooth, or remove soil from roots when you need to repot your succulent. It can also be used to clear up weed or fallen leaves to keep your succulent clean.

Mini Shovel

This gardening tool is commonly associated with gardening activities like lifting, digging, or shifting soil and topdressing from one spot to another. 

Mini Spade

Specially designed to use in tight spaces to scoop and move soil, a spade is an essential tool in succulent growing. With narrow blade and long handle, you can easily add soil to densely planted borders or touch up crowded succulent arrangement.


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