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How to stimulate root growth in succulents

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How to stimulate root growth in succulents


If you are fond of gardening, why not add a few succulents to your plant collection? Well, succulents are the most efficient plants that do not need much care as compared to other plants.

What’s more surprising is that they can easily thrive in rough and dry climates even if you forget to water them for a day or even a week. However, before growing your succulents, it is important to ensure that their roots are healthy enough.

In other words, the roots of succulents are fragile and need to be handled carefully. Keeping the roots and crown intact is essential to growing more greens. Therefore, if you decide to nurture your chubby plants, make sure that the roots of your existing succulents are healthy.


Encouraging Root Growth in Succulents

Succulent propagation - how to stimulate root growth in succulents


When the roots of succulents are not deep into the soil, it shows that you have not watered them properly. Although these plants don’t require frequent watering, you need to ensure the soil does not become dry. Moreover, too much watering can rot their roots. Therefore, water them thrice a week to grow the roots healthier.

Also, when you water your succulents, make sure to soak the soil completely; however, you must bed them in well-drained soil. It allows the excess water to drain off quickly, preventing it from pooling in the soil.

When it comes to growing your succulents, note that the plants take a few weeks to grow new roots.


Stimulating Roots Growth in Cuttings with Small Root System

If you see that your succulent is stretching toward the light, you will soon notice that this plump little plant become leggy in appearance. Keep in mind that it is the perfect time to grow your succulents, using its cuttings.

After two weeks of placing the cuttings on soil, you will see the growing roots and tiny plants. This is the time when you should water your miniature succulents once a week. Moreover, when the original rosette dies off, make sure to remove it to avoid the damage that it can cause to the roots of baby succulents.


Stimulating Roots Growth in Cuttings with Small Root System

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Don’t put your new plants in direct sunlight; however, once a strong root system is developed, you can transplant them into bigger yet shallower pots.


Why is it Important to Stimulate Root Growth in Succulents?

Healthy roots help hold the plant in its place, protecting it from harsh environmental conditions. They also keep it intact within the soil. Besides this, roots carry essential minerals and water to succulents. If your plants have a bad root system, they are likely to die soon.

While the roots of succulents are shallow, rooting them in a deep plant pot will prevent them from growing. Not only this, whenever you water them, the water will set at the bottom and the roots will rot due to too much moisture. For this reason, make sure to keep them in a shallow pot; it will prevent the water from pooling at the bottom and keep your succulents healthy.


Aerial Roots Signify a Healthy Plant

If you see little roots growing out of the stems of your succulent, do not panic! It is a sign that your plant is growing healthy. Not to mention, these tiny roots are called aerial roots. However, when you see aerial roots popping out of your green, keep in mind that you will need to care for them differently.

In case you are wondering what causes the aerial roots to grow, keep in mind that lower light setting and high humidity can be the reasons. However, if your succulents become leggy or stretchy after growing aerial roots, it shows that your plants are not getting enough light.


Stimulating Roots Growth in Cuttings with Small Root System

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Besides, you can snip off the aerial roots with a trimmer or clippers; it will not cause any harm to your succulents.

Watch the video below to stimulate root growth in succulents:



The Bottom Line

Now that you know all the nitty-gritty of succulents’ roots, make sure to take good care of your chubby plant to ensure that they stay happy and healthy this summer!

Moreover, if you see your succulents are growing little, pink roots on their stems, don’t forget that it is just a sign of a healthy plant. Last but not least, make sure to water your succulents properly or else they will die soon. 


How to stimulate root growth in succulents


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