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How to grow and care for Adenium Obesum Desert Rose plant

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How to care for Adenium Obesum Desert Rose, Adenium Plant Care Guide


 Who doesn’t get attracted to a swollen woody stem holding lush blossoms with vibrant pink, coral and red hues? If Arabian Peninsula has also stolen your glance with its colorful display at the local gardening shop, you are most likely to buy them.  

There is no denying that these indoor succulents are the show stoppers when you compare them to other dramatic potted specimens. Whether you place them on your patio or your deck, the houseplants make an amazing warm-weather addition.

What makes this sun loving plant even more interesting is the amount of care it takes for proper growth. Desert rose (Adenium Obesum) requires a minimal care when it is about maintaining its trumpet-shaped, colorful flowers for a longer period.  There is no way you can go wrong with this gorgeous succulents for as long as you keep them in the right temperature.

If this sounds convincing enough to bring this excellent houseplant home, learning how to care for them is important.


What is Adenium Obesum Desert Rose Plant?


Adenium obesum - the desert rose plant is an indoor succulent that comes with 2 - 3 inch flowers. It is the variety of colors and trumpet shape that make this potted specimen stand out. It is easy-to- grow and makes an excellent choice for your if you’re an intrepid gardener. This Arabian native is wonderful in a warm climate or interior container gardens.

Although the desert rose plant is a carefree succulent, mimicking its native region’s conditions will help you garner many rose-like blooms. The desert rose plant comes in many varieties and grows throughout northeastern Africa and Arabian Peninsula. This might sound surprising to you but this colorful succulent is multicultural. Since it is grown widely around the world, people call it with names like

  • Impala Lily
  • Mock Azalea
  • Sabi Star
  • Dwarf Bottle Tree

    Adenium Obesum- A Real Rose or Not?

    Adenium Obesum Desert Rose Plant

         <Source: Flickr.com>

    Don’t be fooled by its name as Desert rose is just a rose by its name. Typically, it is deciduous plant with five different varieties to purchase. Surprisingly, the plant has a huge variations and wild species which is divided into sub-species. According to scientists, these varieties may vary in habits and appearance, depending on their environment.


    How to Care and Grow Desert Rose 

    As we said, the desert rose plant comes in five varieties and all of them are Arabian natives and grow into semi-arid climates. Despite its arid origin, it has great adaptive quality to tropical settings. That means these desert dwellers can grow steadily and beautifully if they receive adequate amount of warmth and draining soil.

    In general, this potted specimen is a sun lover and blossoms in the prolific outdoors. It requires 70°F to 100° F to grow well. It is important to remember that succulent plants cannot survive the cold temperature

    That is why it is important to move it indoors when climate changes. You need to plant desert rose in soil mixed with perlite or sand for proper drainage. You can put layers of gravel above and below the soil to prevent your succulent plan from rotting.

    Moreover, make sure that the temperature where you keep succulents doesn’t drop below 60 degrees. There is no need to water your desert rose daily as it only needs it when the soil gets dry. That means you need to water the plant every two to three weeks; especially in winters. This allows plants bloom more vibrantly and healthily in springtime.


    Adenium Obesum Desert Rose Succulent

    <Source: th.wikipedia.org>


    Desert rose as a Sun-Lover

    As mentioned earlier, the vibrant flowers are sun-lover and bloom beautifully in the bright sun. so if you live in a place that has bright and sunny mornings and afternoons, Ademium obseum is the perfect plant choice. However, keeping them in shades can weaken their stems and make them leggy.

    Although a desert rose blooms well in hot weather to stimulate its production, it needs a break in the growing season. It results in two different blooming periods. In early spring, the flowers blooms steadily when get sufficient sunlight.

    The second phase begins in the early fall months when the temperature drops from 60 degrees F. It is the time when you need to move the plant indoors and give it a good pruning.


    Bottom Line

    In a nutshell, Ademium obseum is not only a beautiful and colorful succulent but also a carefree plant. All it needs is the right temperature and little care to grow and bloom.

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