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Echeveria Black Knight from $9.25
Variegated Trailing Hoya Kerrii Heart
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Echeveria Licorice from $5.75
Echeveria Dark Moon
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Graptopetalum Purple Delight
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RARE Trailing Hoya Kerrii Heart Large Size
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Adromischus Filicaulis ssp. Marlothii from $5.75
Variegated Hoya Kerrii Heart from $22.50
Trailing Hoya Kerrii Heart (At least 3+ leaves) from $26.99 $34.49
Ceropegia Linearis String of Needles
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Hoya Kerrii Heart from $14.45 $20.50
Peperomia Obtusifolia Variegata from $10.47
Ceropegia woodii String of Arrows from $37.99
Ceropegia woodii String of Spades
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Syngonium White Butterfly from $13.05 $16.35
Monstera Adansonii 'Swiss Cheese' from $21.74 $28.99
Crassula pyramidalis 'Buddha's Temple'
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Joseph's Coat Cactus from $6.25
Echeveria Apus Succulent
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