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Let's welcome June with our cutie box. This month we're featuring some of the most gorgeous indoor beauties: Echeveria Blue Fairy, Crassula Tom Thumb Perforata, Echeveria compressicaulis, Mammillaria Spinosissima cactus and Tillandsia Juncea.


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Echeveria Blue Fairy de $5.75
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Crassula Tom Thumb Perforata de $5.75
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Echeveria Compressicaulis de $5.75
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Mammillaria Spinosissima Cactus de $5.75
Tillandsia Juncea air plant for sale, How to plant Tillandsia Juncea air plant, How to care for Tillandsia Juncea air plant, Air plants subscription box monthly, Air plants gift ideas, live air plants for sale
Juncea $9.25