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Happy New Year 2020 !!! Let's start the new year with our Jan succulent box: Karoo Rose, Concrete Leaf, Opalina Graptoveria, and Echeveria Colorata.
Watch our unboxing video here!!

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Concrete Leaf Titanopsis Calcarea 13 reviews de $5.45
Graptoveria Opalina Succulent for Sale, Graptoveria Amethyslinum Succulent Plant, Rare Purple Graptoveria Rosette Succulent, Opal Gemstone Succulent, Opalina Succulent, Pink Purple Succulent, Live Outdoor Succulent, How to grow Graptoveria Opalina, How to care Graptoveria Opalina
Graptoveria Opalina 1 review
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Karoo Rose Lapidaria margaretae 49 reviews de $5.45
Echeveria Colorata
Echeveria Colorata 4 reviews de $5.45
Tillandsia Fuchsii Airplant Care, Tillandsia Fuchsii Air Plants for sale, How to grow Tillandsia Fuchsii Air Plants indoor, Air plants subscription box delivered monthly, Air plants gift ideas for any occasion
Tillandsia Fuchsii 2 reviews $7.25