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The wait is over: here's our last box of 2021. Time does fly when we're having fun. This month box brings you Haworthia African PearlsString Of Pearls Senecio RowleyanusEcheveria Ciliata x Nodulosa, Crassula Ivory Towers, and Tillandsia Baileyi.

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Haworthia African Pearls 29 reviews de $5.65
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String Of Pearls Senecio Rowleyanus 679 reviews de $5.65
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Echeveria Ciliata x Nodulosa de $5.65
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Crassula Ivory Towers 38 reviews de $5.65
Tillandsia baileyi airplant for sale, Bailey's ball moss for sale, the reflexed airplant for sale, How to care for Baileyi airplant, Airplant home decor, Air plant gift ideas
Tillandsia Baileyi $7.45