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 August 2018 Subscription Box: Sempervivum Calcareum, Kalanchoe Flapjacks Paddle Plant, Sempervivum Cobweb Hens and Chicks, Kalanchoe Chocolate Soldier.

Monthly succulents box with popular and rare succulents, cactus & airplants to your door.

 Great surprise gift idea for that special someone who want to go green!
We offer flexible options of 1/2/3/4 succulents of 2-inch size each month.
Quality Guarantee: We only ship the healthiest plants.
Satisfaction Guarantee: We will refund or send replacement if you are not happy with the plants.
We provide detailed care instructions for each plants.

 See more about Types of Succulents Careguide: Watering, Temperature, Propagation, Planting, Shipping, Light, Fertilizer and Pest & Diseases.


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Sempervivum Calcareum 64 reviews de $5.65
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Sempervivum Cobweb Hens and Chicks 39 reviews de $5.65
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Kalanchoe Chocolate Soldier 24 reviews de $5.65