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Thanksgiving Decor Ideas with Succulents

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Thanksgiving is around the corner and it is time to get creative with your decors. This year, we have rounded up some of the best decoration trends for your fall inspiration.

1. Pumpkin succulent

Making a pumpkin succulent is a great way to add personality to your table decoration. A white pumpkin planter and fall color bundle of succulents would be a festive and trendy item for your fall decorations. You can get creative by choosing to mix 2"- with 4" succulents, rosette types like Echeveria or Sempervivum with trailing types like String of pearls to make your creation more appealing.

2. Thanksgiving Wreath

The fall spirit doesn't need to be limited to a silk leaves and pinecone. Instead of going for the traditional way, get your self a basket of succulents and upgrade your DIY game. You can use all kind of succulents to create your lovely fall wreath. Succulents with orange, yellow and pastel color like Pagoda Village Crassula or California Sunset would be perfect choice for you to showcase your crafting skill.


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3. Table centerpiece

If you are feeling stuck in finding table setting idea, we got you covered. Pumpkins aren't your only option when it comes to adding a fall palette to the dining table. This season, make everything simple and elegant with a bowl of succulent. You can get creative by mixing rosette succulent (Echeveria) with mini pumpkins, flower and moss to create a stronger visual impact. If you want to make it more sophisticated, a long table centerpiece would definitely do the trick.


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4. Succulent tiered stand decor

These elegant stands aren't just for springtime tea parties. Prepare a tiered tray and fill it with succulent for an awesome centerpiece, particularly suitable for an outdoor Thanksgiving party. 


Succulent Tiered Stand Decor for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Succulent Tray Decor, Living Succulents for Thanksgiving Decorations


5. Succulent Plate Card

What is a better time to get extra than holiday? This year, let's wow your guest with this upgraded version of plate card - from succulents. Make your Thanksgiving night more memorable with succulent plate card, or even better - a mini succulent pumpkin. A cute pot of succulents, like Donkey Tail or Jelly Beans would definitely make your Thanksgiving an unforgettable memory.


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For the upcoming year, check out our downloadable annual calendar-- fully illustrated with an array of beautiful succulents; this simple, pastel calendar is a perfect way to ring in the new year. With the end of 2023 coming up, feel free to download this calendar for free! It’s on sale until our 2024 calendar comes out.

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