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How to grow and care for Pachypodium Brevicaule plant

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How to care for Pachypodium Brevicaule Succulent Plant, Pachypodium Brevicaule Care



Unlike many other succulents, Pachypodiums Brevicaule is quite difficult to grow. Whether you want to grow them indoors or outdoors, you will need to learn a lot to take proper care of these beautiful succulents. The word Pachypodiums Brevicaule means “thick-foot, short-stem.” It is among the smaller species of the family. Such striking succulents live well in dry and warm climates.

When the blooming season comes, Pachypodiums Brevicaule produces bright yellow flowers that are 3 cm in diameter. Not to mention, Pachypodiums Brevicaule produces flowers in the late spring or early summer. The leaves of Pachypodiums Brevicaule are 1-2 cm wide and 2-4 cm long, which form compact yet loosely rosettes. If you have decided to bring this striking succulent into your garden, you must know how to take proper care of Pachypodiums Brevicaule to see it growing healthy.


Ideal Temperature

Pachypodium brevicaule succulent, thick foot short stem plant, Temperature for Pachypodium brevicaule plant

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While Pachypodiums Brevicaule cannot tolerate very cold temperatures, you cannot grow it outdoors in cold climates. In other words, Pachypodiums Brevicaule is sensitive to cold, and therefore you will need to provide it with warm temperature; bring them indoors. In winters, the plant will lose its leaves and go dormant.

Some experienced gardeners say that Pachypodiums Brevicaule can survive in the freezing night with minimal watering and strong enough light. If you see the leaves turning yellow, cut down on watering. The minimum temperature in which the Pachypodiums Brevicaule survives is 55°F. Therefore, make sure to keep your striking plant in such temperature if you want to see it grow healthy and happy.


Right Amount of Water

When it comes to watering the Pachypodiums Brevicaule, you will have to water the plant thoroughly. But you will have to do that when you feel the soil is dry to touch. Water the plant and let drain it completely. Make sure to reduce the amount of water when you notice this beautiful and striking Pachypodiums Brevicaule is losing its leaves. At this point, your plant will go dormant.


Sunlight Requirements

Pachypodiums Brevicaule will need bright light to grow. Remember that these succulents do not like to live in dark and shady locations. If you place it in such a spot, your plant will likely die soon. However, if you are keeping your Pachypodiums Brevicaule indoors, make sure to keep it at spot that has a southwest-facing window.


Soil Condition

When it comes to Pachypodiums Brevicaule, you will need to plant it in extra well-draining soil. Otherwise, it will rot if you keep it in poorly draining soil. In that case, scoria, pumice, or perlite mixed in the sand and potting soil will be ideal for Pachypodiums Brevicaule. Note that pumice is the best base for good draining soil. In essence, you will need to keep the plant in a porous and well-drained potting mix.


Appropriate pH Level

Pachypodium brevicaule succulent, caudex plant, rare succulent

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They like a pH from 3.5-4.5, which is acidic. If your succulents’ leaves start turning yellow, lower the pH level. If you get them bare root, give these succulents enough heat until it grows strong. If you need to create favorable acidic pH, add a few drops of vinegar in a gallon of water. Note that, maintaining the pH level can be quite complex, especially when your succulent is in a small pot with minimal volume of soil.


The Bottom Line

Pachypodiums Brevicaule Succulent Care, Thick Foot Short Stem Plant, Rare Plant

Source: Instagam @graboratory

Pachypodiums Brevicaule is prone to rot if you do not provide it with the proper care and ideal conditions. Not to mention, giving well-drained soil and watering sparing will prevent waterlogged conditions. Moreover, keep in mind that the amount of watering will depend on its growth stage and temperatures. However, most experienced planters and gardeners suggest not letting this beautiful and delicate plant dry out completely for longer.

Pachypodiums Brevicaule is sensitive to cold; therefore, you will always need to keep it warm . In winters, the plant is likely to shed its leaves and dormant. At this stage, you will need to reduce watering to the minimum amount. This succulent loves to grow in full sun. So, that’s all a quick recap of how to care for Pachypodiums Brevicaule. Now that you know all the essential caring tips for this beautiful plant make sure to provide it with ideal growing conditions. Happy gardening!


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