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Surprise Your Valentine with These 10 Perfect Gift Ideas

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Surprise Your Valentine with These 10 Perfect Gift Ideas, Romantic Succulents to Give for Valentine's Day


With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s time to start finding gifts for your special someone! If you’re looking for affordable, ethically sourced gifts for this Valentine’s season, look no further than these adorable gift ideas that will surprise and delight the plant lover in your life!

1. A Valentine Gift Box

Our succulent gift boxes are perfect for any holiday or special occasion, Valentine’s Day included! The gift box includes one random 2.5 inch succulent, a coral pink ceramic pot (to keep with the theme), an instruction care card for the succulent you receive, and one of our beautiful Valentine’s Day cards. Like all other gift boxes, you can choose what succulent you want and add a message to your greeting card by letting us know in the order comments at checkout.


2. Valentine’s Cards

A heartfelt card can never go wrong, and an adorable succulent theme is sure to make any plant-loving partner smile. Our first Valentine’s card features beautiful watercolor artwork accompanied with the phrase “You’re such a Sweetie,” the second card features a stylish, simplistic vector design featuring several succulent flowers, accompanied by the text “Sending you Hugs and Kisses.” Both cards are blank on the inside, so you can skip whatever corny text is printed in your drugstore cards, and write your own personalized message. 

Adorable Succulents for the Lovey-Dovey Season

There are tons of succulents available on our website, but several stand out above the rest in terms of fitting the unique, cutesy seasonal theme of Valentine’s day. All of these succulents listed are in some way thematically related to the holiday and make a much better, longer-lasting gift than chocolates!

3. Anacampseros Telephiastrum

The final succulent on our list, the Anacampseros Telephiastrum– better known as the “sunrise plant”-- is a highly unique, slow-growing succulent that features adorable light pink blossoms during its growing season. This succulent also features deep emerald and violet leaves, and it can be grown in many different ways. Beginning as rosettes, watch this succulent slowly branch out over the years to become something big and even more beautiful.

4. String of Hearts Succulent

Another one of our trailing plants, the String of Hearts succulent, is aptly named for its adorable, heart-shaped flowers. Although it isn’t pink, this succulent can make any scene romantic with its delicate, fleshy leaves, burgundy stems, and a cascade of delicate flowers during its summer growing season. This succulent looks beautiful both indoors and outdoors and makes for an excellent hanging plant as well!

5. Crassula Calico Kitten Succulent

Our third trailing succulent (wow!) in this selection is the Crassula Calico Kitten. Although a bit smaller than the other trailers on this list, the Calico Kitten features lovely, somewhat heart-shaped leaves in a mixture of pinks, reds, violets, creams, and greens. While this succulent isn’t frost-hardy, it makes for a gorgeous addition to the top of any bookshelf or the centerpiece of any table.

6. Mardi Gras Aeonium

Alongside Valentine’s, we’ve got Mardi Gras (sometimes called Carnivale as well) coming up on March 1st! Celebrate both holidays with our festive Mardi Gras Aeonium, a rosette succulent that features a bright green center with leaves that gradually shift to a deep plum color. You’ll get a full spectrum of color in this succulent that surely won’t disappoint!

7. Tradescantia Pallida, or the ‘Purple Heart’

The Tradescantia Pallida, or “Purple Heart,” is a hauntingly gorgeous member of the evergreen family with vibrant violet leaves. Unlike most evergreens, the Purple Heart is compact and grows very slowly, making it the perfect gift for long-term plant commitment. Eventually growing up to two feet in length, this slightly fuzzy, purple plant fits well in any home.

8. Echeveria Agavoides, or ‘Lipstick’

The Lipstick Echeveria is exactly as it’s described– a succulent that looks like lipstick! With a vibrant green center that changes to bright red tips, this succulent quite literally looks like it’s wearing lipstick on its leaves. Don’t kiss it, though.

9. Echeveria Harmsii, or ‘Ruby Slipper’

Another gorgeous member of the Echeveria family, the Ruby Slipper, can give anyone the warm fuzzies when looking at its precious fuzzy leaves! Like the Lipstick Echeveria, the Ruby Slipper’s leaves come together at the center in a bright green and slowly grow out to red tips.

10. Callisia Repens, or ‘Pink Lady’ Succulent

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Beautiful Pink Lady from Succulents Box


The Pink Lady succulent is a delicate, trailing plant that can grow up to four feet in diameter. What makes this succulent stand out among the rest of its trailing relatives is its leaves, which are light pink on the outside, and light green on the inside. A breathtaking pastel plant, the Pink Lady looks fantastic in any household. 

Happy gardening!


Valentines Day Succulent Ideas in 2022, Succulents for Valentine 2022, Valentines Day with Succulent Ideas, DIY Valentine's Day Decorations, DIY Valentine Gifts, Creative Valentines Ideas in 2022, Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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