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Surprise Your Loved Ones with These 10 Perfect Gift Ideas this Holiday Season

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Surprise Your Loved Ones with These 10 Perfect Gift Ideas this Holiday Season


It’s hard to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, so we’re here to help! Succulents symbolize growth, resilience, and unconditional love, making them the perfect gift for those you love the most in your life! A succulent can make a great starter plant for kids, a beautiful addition to any home, and a welcome friend for any plant parent looking to expand their indoor garden. Avoid the same old clothing, jewelry, and tech gifts this year-- check out these ten holiday gift ideas to spice up this year’s gift-giving season:


1. Single-Succulent Gift Box

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, environmentally friendly gift, look no further than our single-succulent gift box. Our gift boxes come with one random, hand-picked 2.5-inch succulent, a greeting card of your choice, a 2.5-inch terracotta pot or 3-inch cylinder ceramic pot for beautiful storage, and a quick care guide for your succulent. You can also personalize your gift box by adding a message to your chosen greeting card and even selecting a succulent of your choice!

2. Make Your Own Customizable Gift Box

If you’re looking for a more personalized version of our gift box, try customizing your own! These gift boxes contain one randomly picked air plant, 2-inch succulent, or 4-inch succulent (you can ask for a specific one as well!), a decorative pot of your choice, potting equipment, and a watering tool of your choice. You’ll also have the option to select a scented candle, natural soap, and a little bonus gift alongside your succulent supplies. Like all other gift boxes, you’ll be able to choose a greeting card and add your own personalized message to your recipient.

Customizable Gift Box
If you’re looking for a more personalized version of our gift box, try customizing your own with this customizable gift box.



3. Holiday Succulent Pack

Our Holiday Succulent Pack is a perfect gift for nearly any occasion-- even birthdays! Hardy and low-maintenance, succulents make the perfect living decoration to spice up any home! Choose between two or four unique and beautiful succulents from the echeveria, cactus, haworthia, or aloe variety to ship directly to your home. Each gift box comes with at least two four-inch succulents secured in a plastic pot.



4. DIY Succulent Arrangements

A unique and beautiful craft for your home, succulent arrangements are a beautiful way to display your plants while still letting them grow and thrive. To help make your loved ones’ holiday gifts even more personal, try making a DIY succulent arrangement with their favorite succulents! If you’re looking for a fun holiday activity, consider working on your succulent arrangement together!

5. Air Plants!

Air plants make a perfect gift for any home-- they’re hardy, low maintenance, and don’t require too much space to care for. Without the need for soil, you can display your air plants anywhere in any way, as long as you keep them watered. Unlike succulents, you can mist air plants! Be sure to get the right tools and potting for your new friend! Browse our selection of air plants, or select one in a customizable gift box.

Air Plants
You can display your air plants anywhere in any way



6. Creative Pots and Planters

Looking for the perfect gift for a fellow plant parent? Look no further than our array of fun and unique pots and planters! Browse terracotta planters, glass pots, hanging planters, terrarium globes, and other fun succulent pot options like specialized tin pails, animal-themed sculpture pots of all shapes and sizes to find the perfect home to showcase your succulents. You’ll also find pots for air plants, including air plant planters, cholla wood pots, and hanging globes.

succulents pots, small ceramic pots, white pots, pots for home decoration
Browse our collection of pots to find the perfect home to showcase your succulents.


7. Succulent Themed Playing Cards

For the succulent enthusiast, these succulent-themed playing cards make the perfect stocking stuffer! This deck contains 52 suited cards with unique succulent illustrations for each card. Use it for any game that requires your standard 52-card deck-- it’s sure to brighten up your game nights!

8. Stickers!

Another fantastic stocking stuffer, our succulent-themed stickers, prints, and postcards are perfect for any occasion or decoration. If you’re looking for some unique wall hangings to spice up your home, fun coasters to decorate your tables, or a beautiful puzzle to work on while you relax, you can find them right here!


9. Electronic Gift Card

You can’t ever go wrong with a gift card-- for the picky plant parent, give them a gift they’re sure to love with a Succulents Box gift card. You can choose between 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, and 100 dollar cards, redeemable at our website! Redeemable for any plant, pot, or gift box, our electronic gift cards are delivered to the buyer or recipient via email and are redeemable at checkout.

10. 2024 Succulent Calendar

For the upcoming year, check out our downloadable annual calendar-- fully illustrated with an array of beautiful succulents; this simple, pastel calendar is a perfect way to ring in the new year. With the end of 2023 coming up, feel free to download this calendar for free! It’s on sale until our 2024 calendar comes out.

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