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Stunning Easter Decoration ideas with Succulents

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Stunning Easter Decoration ideas with Succulents


Decorating for Easter Sunday should be easy, fun, and something to look forward to — not a complicated chore. We know that, which is why we've compiled these Easter-inspired succulent arrangements that everybody will love and would brighten up your home for Easter.

Succulent Easter Basket

How to make a Succulent Easter Basket, Easter succulent arrangements

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Crafting this creative succulent basket would be great as hanging decorations this easter. For this DIY project, you'll need a beautifully designed basket or peat pots, and a group of brightly colored succulents like Echeveria, and Sedum. You may also add an Aeonium Kiwi to your basket as it would make it more appealing and will definitely bring out the color of easter. 

For a more affordable and simple version, these mini baskets are perfect for you.

Succulent Easter Basket for a house warming gift, Home Decoration Ideas<Source:>

Succulent cross

Easter succulent Cross home decoration ideas


From a centerpiece to an outdoor accent, this DIY succulent cross is a great way to celebrate the reason for the reason. Compared to those made from fresh flowers and foliage, a DIY cross made out of succulents is the most ideal way as one can easily be disassembled and replanted once the season ends. You can get creative by using a combination of Echeveria, Sempervivum, and Sedum varieties for festive decoration or Aeonium Zwartkop, Kalanchoe tomentosa, and Black Prince Echeveria for something moody

Succulents in Egg Shell planter

Succulents in Egg Shell planter, Easter Decoration Ideas


There's no more reason to throw away eggshells after prepping for Easter brunch! Instead, upcycle them in creating some adorable eggshell planter for your succulents to add a twist on the classic Easter egg. Aside from they are very easy to do, this idea is 100% eco-friendly and would absolutely add color to your spring decor! Just go for a mostly green succulent, like Cobweb Hens and Chicks as they are more suited as an indoor decoration compared to other colors.

Succulent Wreath

Easter Succulent Wreath, Easter Decoration Ideas with Succulents

Your front door is the first thing friends will see when they arrive for Easter brunch. So you are feeling really creative this year, why not craft your self your very own succulent wreath? They would not only add an accent at your front door, but also will give your guests an extra-warm and brighter welcome.

Succulent in Bunny planter

Succulent in Bunny planter, Home Decoration Ideas, Easter Succulent Decoration Ideas

If you prefer something even more simple yet still make a stunning decor, check out this whimsical bunny planter idea. This will surely add charm and interest to your decoration this Easter!

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