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Echeveria is a family of rose-shaped succulents native to the semi-desert regions of Central America. Echeverias are...

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Sedum is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae, including up...

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String of Pearls/ Hearts/ Banana

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The most popular string succulents

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A collection of beautiful cacti that have scales and spines instead of leaves to adapt...

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Kalanchoe is a genus of about 125 species of tropical, succulent flowering plants endemic to...

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Aeonium is a genus of about 35 species of subtropical succulents native to North Africa and the...

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Senecio is a genus of flowering plants that contains more than 1000 species of...

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Sempervivum is a genus of about 40 species of flowering plants that are commonly...

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Cotyledon is a genus that includes numerous varieties of perennial shrubby leaf and stem...

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Crassula is a genus of succulent plants that includes more than 350 species native to...

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Aloe/ Haworthia/ Agave/ Gasteria

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A collection of easy-to-grow succulents with an amazing moisture-storing ability

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