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What are the benefits of Air Plants

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What are the benefits of Air Plants


It's no secret that Tillandsias are one of the most low-maintenance plants you'll find. But did you know that they have a lot more to offer than just being a lovely display or addition to your collection? 

In fact, they have some amazing benefits, especially to your health, that will actually make you want to get one right now for your home or office.

So if you are not fond of air plants yet, maybe this article will change your mind! Read on to learn more.


  • Good for your Health
  • Unlike any other houseplants, air plants have small hairs on their leaves called Trichomes. And these Trichomes are used to absorb water and as well as capture harmful chemicals and toxins from the air like formaldehyde and benzene. Plus, they also photosynthesize at night as most plants do. In other words, they emit fresh oxygen, which allows you to breathe clean air even when you are sound asleep.

    What are the benefits of Air Plants
    Air plants are good for your health

    Aside from that, studies show that being surrounded by indoor plants, especially air plants will allow you to create the peaceful environment you need. Meaning, they will help alleviate stress, lower blood pressure, and improve focus and productivity at home or work by 10 to 15%.

  • They are pet friendly
  • We all know that not all houseplants are good around our furry friends. The good news is, Tillandsias are non-toxic to pets, so if you have a cat that’s a bit fond of nibbling on your air plants, there’s no need to worry as they should be just fine! Get more pet-friendly plants here.

    What are the benefits of Air Plants
    Air plants are pet-friendly
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  • Easy to Propagate
  • In about a year or two, an air plant will flower and produce little offsets called pups. And these pups can be removed and treated as a whole new air plant. So if you are to purchase one air plant, it can turn into 2 or more in no time without even spending a single penny! Learn more about propagating Air Plants.

    What are the benefits of Air Plants
    Air plants are easy to propagate
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  • An excellent office desk plant
  • As you might already know, containers or pots are not always necessary as air plants really do not need any soil in growing them! In other words, having them in your office is a lot less messy compared to soil-dependent plants. Plus, they can thrive under filtered light and won't take much space as they are available in convenient sizes.

    What are the benefits of Air Plants
    Air plants are perfect for your office desk


  • Perfect for Decorations
  • Like most succulents, air plants also consist of a variety of unique shapes, textures, and colors. This allows designers and gardeners to make any living space look more beautiful and sophisticated. And since you don't need soil to grow air plants, they can adjust into any space and be placed in just any ravishing containers, or even move them around from one room to another without any hassle.

    What are the benefits of Air Plants
    Air plants are perfect for decorations
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    In addition to that, they have the ability to grow on other surfaces like shells or driftwoods, giving you a chance to be creative with them.

  • Resilient
  • Air plants are disease and pests-resistant. They will also not wither and die off easily, as long as you provide them the right amount of light and water they need, you can rely on them to look at their best at all times.

    Read our Air Plant Care Guide to learn more about growing air plants.


    As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to growing an air plant. They will not only make your home stand out but also helps you feel great, as you will be optimistic and surrounded by positive vibes every day.



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