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10 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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10 Succulent Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day


With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s time to prepare your gifts for the Moms in your life. Whether they’re a mother figure or your birth mom, check out these ten products to spark some inspiration and find that perfect gift!

1. Customizable Gift Box

Our customizable gift boxes make the perfect present for any succulent lover! As the ultimate succulent gift box, you’ll choose a succulent to send to the recipient, along with a pot, potting tools, watering tools, and fun accessories like a natural candle, handmade soap, and another little succulent-themed gift. If you’d like to send a card with the gift box or choose a specific succulent, just let us know when you finalize your order!

Customizable Gift Box

2. Subscription Plan

With spring in full swing, now’s the perfect time to add or renew your SucculentsBox subscription! If you plan on giving that special plant parent in your life a gift, they’ll remember, what’s better than a succulent each month? Our subscription plan offers one-month, three-month, six-month, and yearly options, with choices between one, two, three, and four random succulents. Moreover, elevate your gift-giving game and bring a touch of nature to any space with our Subscriptions with Clay Pot. Options for air plants are also available.

Gift Subscriptions

3. Mother of Millions or Mother of Thousands

If you’re looking for a unique succulent for the occasion, the Mother of Millions and Mother of Thousands succulents in the Kalanchoe family are a perfect choice this Mother’s day! These succulents reproduce by creating hundreds of tiny plantlets that eventually take root and become their own succulent. Ideal for propagation (and sharing), these Mother plants are excellent for any avid gardener looking for something new.

4. Silver Glory

The String of Hearts is always a favorite, but this time we’re recommending the elegant Silver Glory, a variety of the String of Hearts known for its pale, almost silver-green leaves, shaped like bubbly hearts or lily pads. An excellent trailing plant, the String of Hearts Silver Glory looks beautiful in any setting and is a must-have addition to any plant lover’s home garden. In addition, this succulent is incredibly rare– making it a particularly unique gift!

5. Hypoestes Phyllostachya Pink Splash

Another member of our new houseplants collection, the Hypoestes Phyllostachya, is a gorgeous plant with pink leaves! A great talking point with its bright pink leaves contrasted by dark green stems and edges, you won’t find any better splash of color for your home. If you’re looking for more unique tropical plants to add to your indoor garden, check out the rest of our houseplants collection!

6. Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Calandiva Purple

Another member of the Kalanchoe family, the Calandiva Purple is a unique mix between a flowering houseplant and a succulent! Although this succulent comes in a variety of colors, we’re recommending the purple variant because of its color meaning: devotion, love, royalty, and compassion– perfect for the Moms in your life.

7. DIY Purple 4'' Succulent Arrangement

Succulent arrangements are a great way to show off your creativity and make something wonderful for your home garden. Our succulent arrangement kits come with four random succulents surrounding a theme (this one is purple), a bag of succulent-ready potting soil, a pot for planting your arrangement, and pebbles to set atop the soil to complete your arrangement. Since this is a kit, arrange the succulents however you like!

8. Xerographica Air Plant: 

Air plants are genuinely unique since they don’t need any soil to thrive. A member of the Tillandsia family, the Xerographica is a gorgeous air plant with long, pale green leaves shaped in a rosette. The leaves thin out at the tips and curl inward as it grows, creating a beautiful plant ball. Ideal for the quirky Mom in your life, this plant is easy to care for and mess-free.

9. Best Mom Ever Card

You can’t go wrong with a card, and we offer a variety of adorable succulent-themed greeting cards for any occasion, including Mother’s Day. Our “Best Mom Ever” greeting card features a unique, watercolor illustration filled with flowers and an envelope for easy shipping. The inside of the card is blank, too, so you’ll have plenty of space to write a special message for the best Mom in your life. If you’d like to send the card directly as a gift, let us know what you’d like your message to say!

10. Succulent Bookmark

Any bookworm knows you need a bookmark to keep your place! Why not share the love with our free succulent-themed bookmarks? As a special gift from us, these bookmark designs are super adorable, free, and super easy to download. Print them at home on standard paper, or try printing them on heavier paper to extend their shelf life! Discover even more choices with our exclusive Free Printables!



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