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Fertilizers for Succulents

Fertilizers for Succulent

When you use soil for your potting mix, fertilizers are not an immediate need because your succulents can still get nutrients from the soil. But they will definitely benefit from being fertilized once or twice a year. This guide will provide some tips you should know about the right types of fertilizers and feeding schedule for your succulents.

Fertilizers for Succulents


The best time to fertilize is in the spring when your succulents are actively approaching their growing season and are ready to receive some extra nutrients. But if your plants are winter growing succulents, fertilizing in the fall would be more effective.


Chances are succulent fertilizers are available at your local garden centers—one popular option is Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food

If you can’t find succulent fertilizers, regular water-soluble fertilizer diluted by at least 50% works fine as well. Highly potent fertilizers are never recommended because they will most likely burn your succulents rather than delivering them any nutrients.

Succulent Plant Food

If you don’t want to go for the store-bought fertilizers, certain types of homemade ones have been working well for many gardeners—banana peels, coffee grounds, or finely crushed eggshells for example. You can mix one or all of these ingredients with water and place the mixture on top of the soil. Take it off after a few days before it gets moldy and does harm to your succulents. Some people find it helpful to save their fish tank water as a homemade fish emulsion to feed their succulents. Remember to give your succulents a lot of sunlight if you decide to fertilize them. The boost of nutrients will help them grow quickly but might lead to a lot of stretching if they lack sunlight.


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