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Grow light for succulents is a must-have when you want to grow your indoor succulents but your windows don’t provide enough light to keep them healthy or when you need to bring them indoor for the winter. There’re many types of grow lights available that you can choose from. Here are what you need to know before buying one.

What types of grow light to use

There are two main types of grow light for succulents – Fluorescent and LED.

Fluorescent grow light

Fluorescent Grow Light for Succulents

The fluorescent light comes in many styles and sizes. But the three most popular ones for succulents are T5, T8, and T12. The T5 fluorescent growth light is the ideal option among the three because of its excellent efficiency and spectrum.

However, if you do not have enough space for the long tube, you can switch to CFL variety. It comes in multiple small bulbs fitting in one round flat bottom base. It is another a great choice of grow light when you have a small number of succulents.

Light Emitting Diode grow light (LED)

LED grow light for succulents

The LED grow light is powerful in the way that it provides your plants with specific wavelengths of light. Each diode gives out one wavelength. It is also a more energy-saving and heat-effective option than the fluorescent.

You can choose either the blue-red or white LED. The red-blue one is more efficient, while the white one has more pleasant ambient lighting.

High-intensity discharge and metal halide

This type of grow light is not popular among home gardener. It is used for large and commercial grow operations. It is, of course,  the most expensive yet most powerful in giving out strong light and heat.

How to use grow lights 

How to use grow light for succulents

After picking the proper grow lights for your succulents, it is time to set them up. Find a place in your house where you can place the plants and install the lightings.

The distance between the plants and the light should be at least 10 inches and should not exceed 40 inches.

You will not need to turn the lights on all the time. If your plant is a monocarpic succulent, it may bloom with too much of the light provision.

It is ideal to give your plants a break from the light so that they can respire. As a rule of thumb, expose your plants to lighting for 12 hours per day.

Do not let the plants sit in just one angle of the light source. Instead, rotate the plants weekly so that each side of them has the same amount of light.

And if you see the lights become weaker, especially in the case of fluorescent bulbs, replace them with new ones. Along with providing enough lighting, water the plants and take care of the soil if necessary.  

Where to place succulent under grow light

Where to place succulents under grow light

The position of the succulents in relation with the light depends on many factors.

If you use the LED or fluorescent bulbs with no gimmick, the 10-inch distance is just fine. However, with bigger succulents, you can reduce the distance to 6 inches.

The distance also depends on the tolerance of the plant to heat and light. We always want the best light and heat for your plants without wasting any energy. But we do not want to harm them.

Less than 5-inch proximity to the light may heat up the water inside the cells of the leaves, trunks, and stems. Eventually, your plant and soil will suffer from dehydration.

As you adapt your succulents indoors, keep your eyes on them to see how they react and adjust accordingly. With the right grow light together with proper watering schedule, your succulents will be healthy and happy dwelling inside your apartment.

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    Thank you for all this information. I am using s T5 now, but would like to change to one of the CFL lights to try it out. Thank you.

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