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Get spooky with your succulents this Halloween

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Halloween is coming near and it is time to fill your house with candies, pumpkins and scary Halloween decors . If you love Halloween and you are also a plant fanatic, what could be a better time to get creative with your plant collection. Here are some of the best Halloween-inspired ideas for your succulents.


1. Succulent Pumpkin

Succulent Pumpkin is a classic. It has been trendy for the last few years and still going strong till now. You can find awesome pumpkin DIY all over the Internet. The vibrant color of succulent just makes those pumpkin decors so unique and striking. One can follow some latest tutorials on using hot glue and moss to make your succulent pumpkin or go for the traditional way! Simply get knives and remove the top of the pumpkin. Fill up 2/3 of the pumpkin with cactus soil mix and plant your succulent inside. Once the holiday time is over, you can always repot your succulent and they will still be healthy.


Watch our rendition of the succulent centerpiece and make one for yourself!.



Here are some other great pumpkin ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Halloween Succulent Pumpkin

String of Pearls Succulent Plant | Click here to purchase

<Source: (account u/kala1300)>


Halloween Succulent Pumpkin

<Source: (account u/kala1300)>


2. Succulent Costume

Halloween is an open invitation to do or dress like anyone or anything. It is no surprise to find out that some of us, who love Halloween and plants, dress up like our favourite succulents. Of course, we should not forget how our dear Moms love to dress up their babies for Halloween.

You can dress up as a Cactus, a Succulent Terrarium or a lovely String of Pearls. Even better, dressing up like a cactus family. It surely will be lots of fun.

Halloween Succulent Costume

<Source: Instagram @rosehipfloral>

Halloween Succulent Costume



3. Succulent Trick-or-Treat

All the neighbors are handing out Halloween candy — that's a given. So why not stand out from the crowd and give kids something that isn't filled with sugar? Of course, this mostly works if your neighbor are interested in plants. If not, they can still be your cute little spooky Halloween decors.

Halloween Succulent Trick-or-Treat

<Source: Reddit account: u/cheesymacaroony>


4. Black Succulents

Black like your soul - Black Succulents are basically the hottest trend for Halloween decorations.They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hues, are taking over Instagram as the official decor of the season. 

Two of the most mentioned genus are among hens-and-chicks variety fittingly known as “Black Knight" and "Black Prince". The striking black and burgundy color make them perfect goth plant for many Halloween lovers.

Black Succulents for Halloween Decor

Echeveria Black Knight Succulent | Click here to purchase


5. Halloween arrangement

For a simple touch up for your house, a succulent arrangement is perfect. So how do you switch it up from your standard fall arrangement to Halloween? Well, the answer is simple: a spooky pot and some more spooky succulents.


Halloween pot


There you have it. Hope you find the perfect idea for this spooky season. Happy Halloween!


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Halloween succulents


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