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Fun activities with succulents for kids

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Fun activities with succulents for kids


As plant lovers, the idea of crafting some cool succulent DIY projects is great, but it would be more meaningful if you can engage your kids in those tasks as well. Plus, learning about plants also gives us some extra time to connect with nature and learn more about the world around us, so let’s seize the opportunity. 

Here we got a list of hand-on activities with succulents that parents and kids can enjoy together.

DIY your planters for succulent🌵

DIY and recycle projects, DIY your planters for succulent

Overview: DIY and recycle projects are great for your kids to develop their creativity and social responsibility. Gardening is naturally an activity that lends itself to reducing, reusing, and recycling. We reuse organic disposal as fertilizer then find ways to recycle items that would otherwise be discarded. 

This activity is versatile. It can be done with any unused items in your house: eggshell, a plastic pot, an old teapot, or shoes. With a little creativity, they will make unique planters for your succulents.

To double the fun, you can use Sharpie or nontoxic paint to add a pop to your pot. If you have a printer, you can get some printable temporary tattoo paper and use it to dress up old planters, mugs, pencil cups, etc. If you prefer to start a simple project, we also have great clay pot DIY using just permanent markers.

In our rendition, we will DIY plastic bottles and turn them into cute animal pots.


  • Empty plastic pot
  • Pencil/pen
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Non-toxic paint
  • Masking tape

Step 1: Clean the bottle thoroughly and remove the label.

Step 2: Choose an animal template with your kids, draw an outline on the paper, and cut it out. Place the outline on the bottle, press it to keep it from moving around. Go over the outline with a pencil or pen. Use the scissors to cut along the line.

Step 3: Paint two coats of paint on the bottle. Use a permanent marker to draw the eye, nose, and add color to the pot.

Step 4: Use the scissors to drill 4 drainage holes at the bottom. Once the paint is dry, you and your kids can get creative by adding more color or something like a cute bow tie to make your planter stands out more.

Build a propagation station

Build a propagation station, fun activities with kids

Source: (u/wei81wei)

Overview: Simple and fun, all you need to do is placing the leaves on a tray then observing the roots growing from the leaves. It is a great introduction for your kids to the life cycle of a plant. For extra fun, try different methods of propagation to achieve the best result.


  • A tray or egg carton
  • Succulents of all kinds

Step 1: Water your succulent and wait 3-4 days. Help your kids pick the plumpest and mature leaves at the bottom. These leaves have a higher chance of surviving.

Step 2: Find a dish or egg carton and let them put the leaves in. Just leave them alone and wait for around 2-3 weeks and the pups should appear.

Step 3: Once the mother leaves dry up, gently remove the pups and repot them in the soil. Water them every day and watch them grow new leaves. This activity has many versions: you can recycle plastic pots to do water propagation or add soil to the tray to try soil propagation. 

Label your succulents

DIY projects with kids, keep kids having fun, Fun with succulents, Build a propagation station


Overview: Labeling your succulent is great to keep track of what kinds of plants are grown in your garden. But plant labels aren't just useful- it’s also the best activity to enjoy with your children. Whether you’re a gardening novice or have been experienced for years, having your kids will make this task fun, relaxing, and more energizing.  

For a simple plant label, all you need to prepare are plastic labels and a marker. For this version, we will be making colorful, plant-picture labels, so here are what we need.


  • Colorful permanent markers or crayons
  • Stakes or popsicle sticks if you grow succulents in pots
  • Construction paper
  • Adhesive glue

Step 1: Start with the drawing. You should have some reference pictures to make it easier for kids to draw the succulents. Remember to be patient with them.

Step 2: Show them the color of each plant. While they are drawing, you can help them put the name of the plant on the paper with a permanent marker.

Step 3: Use adhesive glue to glue the pictures to the stakes. Stick them in the soil and you now have a lovely succulent garden all labeled. If you grow succulents in a small pot, drawing a big picture might not be an option. In that case, you can still write their name on popsicle sticks for a simple plant label.

Make a succulent arrangement

Make a succulent arrangement, fun activities with kids

Overview: This is the perfect activity to get your kids’ hands dirty. To step up the game, find a container with personality like an unused truck toy, animal pot or teapot. While helping your kid arranging the succulents, you can also show off your knowledge on plant names, their habitat and growing season. Combining lessons with fun activities is proved to be the most effective way to help your kid develop their knowledge of the surrounding world.

So don’t get frustrated if you’re stuck at home with your kids 24/7. Start this activity to make a great spring memory for your family. 


  • A container with drainage holes
  • Succulents of all color and size
  • Well-drained soil
  • Topdressing pebble 

Step 1: Place a piece of plastic window screening at the bottom of the planter to prevent the soil from eroding. Add the potting soil.

Step 2: Put your plants into the container to get a general idea of spacing.

Step 3: Start with the succulent you want to be in the center first then work it to the outer part. Fill the remaining space with smaller succulents like string of pearls or stonecrop sedum

Step 4. For a more polished look, add topdressings. They keep the soil in place and prevent it from getting in your eyes while watering. Also, your kids would love getting creative with some colorful pebbles on the top of the pots.

Write a succulent care diary

succulent diary, fun with succulents


Overview: Great indoor and outdoor activity on a sunny day. With a small succulent, young children can learn how to prepare good soil, water properly, and how to place succulent in good sunlight so they can thrive. This is like a plant tour and you can enjoy your time gardening with your kids. 


  • Glove
  • Mini gardening tool
  • Pot
  • Soil 
  • Watering can

Get started

Step 1: We will start by repotting a succulent. Prepare a mixture of 50:50 organic and inorganic matter. Succulent love well-drained soil.

Step 2. Carefully put the succulents in the pot. Let the children use their gardening tools to add soil around the roots.

Step 3. Water the succulents. Give your kids a small watering can and guide them step by step how they should water the plants.

Step 4. Choose a good spot to put your succulent. Tell them how this place is ideal for succulents to get efficient sunlight.

Step 5: Grooming. Let your kids take care of their own succulent every day. Teach them how to groom their succulent properly by removing dry and dead foliage.

All in all, there are dozens of fun activities that you can enjoy with your children. The best approach is to guide them at the beginning then let them do it themselves to give them a sense of ownership of the tasks. That way, they can engage in the activities more easily and you can also enjoy your gardening time.



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