Tillandsia Stricta Green Air Plant

  •  Tillandsia Stricta Green is a popular air plant species that does well indoors. Tillandsia stricta are evergreen, clump-forming, short-stemmed, epiphytic perennials with leaves arranged into thick rosettes. They are a compact species to about 10cm (4 inch) across.

     Tillandsia stricta flowers just once in it’s life, and thereafter several pups will offset from the mother plant. It produces pink and white floral spikes during blooming and the flowers are rather showy.

     All of the plants will be shipped bare root.

    See more about Air Plant Care Guide
  •  Bright filtered light indoors or undercover outdoors.

     No soil is needed.

     Low to Moderate.
  • 9b to 11b: from 25 °F (−3.9 °C) to 50 °F (+10 °C).