Peanut Cactus


This listing is for a cute Peanut cactus growing in a 2 inch or 4 inch size.
Echinopsis chamaecereus is a branched cactus with crowded stems that resemble the shape of the fingers, up to 6 inches (10 cm) tall. It has pale green stems, up to 6 inches (15 cm) long and up to 0.5 inches (1.2 cm) in diameter. It has 8 to 10 ribs which have 10 to 15 soft and white bristles. Most people don't know that cactus can have orange & red blooms which are about 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter. Sometimes, they have a long branch and two smaller balls, therefore, we nickname it the "penis cactus".

** This plant is fragile therefore some small pieces could fall off during shipping. You can put the pieces back into soil to make baby plants.

Light: Full sun. but might need partial shade in hot, dry summer 

Soil: Porous and well-draining potting mix

Water: Water deeply only when soil is dry and let it drain completely. Reduce watering during winter.

Fertilizer: Feed once a year during growing season

10a to 11b: from 30 °F (−1.1 °C) to 50 °F (+10 °C).


Your plant will be meticulously bubblewrapped and shipped in a sturdy box. Most 2" plants are shipped in their original plastic pot with soil. Fragile and big 4" plants are shipped bareroot to ensure their safety. When opening your package, some soil may be loose in the box. Plant orders are shipped within 3-5 days depending on availability of the plant. We ship our plants Monday through Friday, all twelve months of the year! If you need your order urgently, please message us so we can upgrade your shipping (additional cost applied).

Here is our blog about the shipping process and packaging

We do not ship outside of the continental United States. 

We only ship out beautiful, healthy plants! Please track your package and open it immediately upon arrival. If you receive your package and are not satisfied, please message us immediately. Fragile plants such as bearpaw, baby toe, etc. may break or loose a few of their leaves during transport. Please contact us for replacements if your plants are severely damaged. We'll try our best to accommodate you. 

Plants may be slightly larger or smaller than the pot they are grown in, depending on availability or time of year. Sedums such as Cherry Tart and Lime Zinger are dormant in the winter, i.e. they wilt, start dropping leaves, and look dead. It's simply a survival mechanism that help succulents stay alive over the cold winter and gear up for warmer days ahead.

Provide porous soil with adequate drainage, pots with drainage hole are recommended. Bright, filtered light and ample airflow. Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. Never let your succulents sit in water. Do NOT water on the leaves. If you water from beneath by letting the plant sit in a saucer of water, make sure to pour off any excess water after a few minutes.

The hotter it is outside, the faster your soil will dry out, so you’ll need to water more often if you live in a hot area. Water with caution in winter, as the plant can lose its roots if the soil stays cold and wet for extended periods; protect from frost to prevent scarring.

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Joyce D.
United States

Cute Cactus!

Arrived in good condition. Makes a nice addition to my collection of cacti. Anxious for it to grow, love the shape of cactus.

Amanda Fretwell
RIDGEWOOD United States

Etsy Review by Amanda Fretwell

It was a gift, the receiver told me that the plant was pretty smashed when he got it, but it was still alive and I believe he was able to doctor it back to health. Definitely a cute idea, but one should definitely consider the fact that shipping may make it less ���******�۝ than the ad suggests.

United State

eBay Review By sarahf7108

Perfect. Thanks.

United State

eBay Review By toalj22222012

looks good

A Hilko
SAINT LOUIS United States

Etsy Review by A Hilko

The plant arrived quickly. It was smaller than expected when it first arrived, but within three days, the cactus had grown 2 inches. He was definitely a grower, not a shower ;-) I loved this cactus as he is super easy to take care of and is a great conversation starter. I have already recommended this to multiple friends!