Joseph's Coat Cactus

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  • Opuntia monacantha, more commonly known as Barbary fig, cochineal prickly pear or drooping prickly pear, is native to South America. It is an erect fleshy succulent plant that can grow up to 16 feet (5 m) tall. Its big trunk grows flat round-shaped branches at the top with drooping upper branches. Both its trunks and branches have multiple pointy spines of about 1-3 inches (3-7 cm) long that might grow in groups of 2 or 3. Its leaves are small and shed annually.
    O. monacantha produces showy yellow or orange red flowers from late spring to early autumn. Its fruits are green when immature and turn into fleshy purple red berries as they age.
    ** Shipped Bareroot.
  • Light: Full sun. Direct sunlight is necessary.
    Water: A very low amount of water is required. Hot and dry atmosphere is best for Opuntia monacantha so overwatering could lead to root rot.
    Soil: Porous and well-drained potting soil.
    Propagate: You can propagate either by cuttings or by seed. To propagate by cuttings, remove a pad from the plant and let it callous over for a couple of days. Then place it in a dry soil and do not water it until it begins to grow. To propagate by seed, remove the pulp from the seeds and let them dry completely then plant them in dry well-drained soil – ideally in the spring.
  • Hardiness: Hardy to 32°F

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Tina Steinke


So far so good.

Barbara Clark

Different but neat!

I really liked this cactus because it is totally different from all my others. I gravitate to succulents to avoid the thorns of cactus but these were not bad. The planting process was quick and I didn't have to take any precautions. Thanks!

Scottie B.
United States

Very pleased

All of the plants arrived beautifully packed and thriving. Then it started raining. I lost 3 succulents from too much water but the rest are doing very well.