Crassula Brevifolia

  • Crassula Brevifolia, native to South Africa, has thick, fleshy, triangulated green leaves with a rough, fuzzy texture borne on woody branches. It grows small shrubs of up to 20 inches (50 cm) tall. The leaves will get a red-brown margin in full sun. Pale pink flower clusters bloom in early fall. Crassula Brevifolia is a hardy succulent and very low-maintenance. It is perfect for water-wise gardens as a feature plant or groundcover.
  • Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Sun to Partial Shade, Light Shade.
    Water: Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch, then let drain completely. Avoid letting water sit for too long in the soil to prevent rot and fungal diseases.
    Soil: Porous and well-drained. Optimal pH is around 6.0 (slightly acidic).
    Temperature: Average summer temperatures from 65ºF/18ºC to 70ºF/21ºC are ideal. In winter, it can survive temperatures as low as 50ºF/10ºC.
    Fertilizer: Feed with a controlled-release fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season.
    Propagation: You can propagate Crassula Brevifolia by division, offsets or leaf cuttings. The easiest way is to propagate from a single leaf: put the leaf in a succulent or cacti mix, then cover until it sprouts.
  • USDA Hardiness Zone 9a: 20 to 25 °F
    USDA Hardiness Zone 9b: 25 to 30 °F

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