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We partner with Cleanhub to collect plastic waste before it can enter the most precious ecosystem on earth. Together with Cleanhub, we take responsibility for our plastic emissions by starting this initiative to become a plastic neutral business.For every 1lb plastic we use,1 lb of plastic from nature will be collected and recycled before it can end up in our oceans. 

Plastic Neutral - Succulents Box - CleanHub

Who is Cleanhub?

Cleanhub is a company dedicated to free the planet from plastic pollution, while offering solutions for brands to have verifiable environmental impact. Cleanhub works in global partnerships to recover plastic waste from the natural environment, while its traceability technology keeps account of the person, quantity, quality and location of all activities.

Photo: Flickr

What is Plastic Neutrality?

Plastic neutrality means that companies that seek to adopt sustainable practices like us, Succulents Box, put to recycling the same weight of plastic we consume. We focus on collecting and recycling plastic waste in South Asia, the most critical region where we can have the highest possible impact on preventing marine plastic pollution.

Beach cleanup with our partner Tridi Oasis in Northern Jakarta, Indonesia

So, what will be done?

As mentioned, Cleanhub’s certified collection partners recover plastic well before it can end up in our oceans. We work with Cleanhub to help fund the collection and recovery of ocean-bound plastic with every product we sell. Therefore, we hope that our contribution can support clean environments and create sustainable jobs in the global south.

You can find more information and track our progress via this link: