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Pack of 3 Minimalist Ceramic Pots (White, Gray and Oatmeal) $22.99 $24.00
Pack of 3 6 inch White Minimalist Pot with Saucer $48.75
Gray House Pot $8.36 $11.95
Mama Bear Pot $9.55 $11.95
Sleeping Zebra Pot
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Pink Ear Kitten Pot
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Golden Edge Pot $11.95
2 inch Footed Pot $6.15 $7.70
5.5 inch Decorative Ceramic Pot With Saucer
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7 inch Decorative Ceramic Pot With Saucer
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8 inch Decorative Ceramic Pot With Saucer
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5 inch Terracotta Pot
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6 inch Traditional Terracotta Pot
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White Porcelain Cylinder Pot with Saucer $26.25 $37.50
4 inch Black Porcelain Cylinder Pot with Saucer
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Gift Plant with Pot $15.65
Modern Terracotta Deep Cylinder Pot
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Triceratops Pot
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Deer Pot
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Explore our diverse collection of indoor pots for succulents and flowers, all available for sale right here! Our inventory includes a wide range of planter pots for sale, featuring various materials like concrete, terracotta, plastic, ceramic, and tin. Plus, many of our succulent pots come equipped with essential drainage systems. So, if you're on the hunt for the perfect indoor pot or a succulent pot for sale near you, look no further. Your plants are about to find their stylish new homes! 

Advantages of Pot Material Types

Concrete planters are porous so water can evaporate quickly, making them the perfect pot material for cacti and succulents. It's important that they have drainage holes as well. Concrete planters are durable and great at insulating plants against sudden temperature fluctuations. Concrete can absorb and radiate heat, which can protect roots against late or early frosts.

Terracotta and Ceramic are porous and breathable materials. They’re great for both outdoor and indoor, especially areas that aren’t well ventilated. Ceramic pots are super cute and make perfect homes for your succulent kids.

Plastic pots are a lot lighter and much less fragile than concrete, terracotta and ceramic pots. They come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and sometimes at a cheaper price.

Wood is no doubt a very attractive material. A piece of driftwood can be transformed into a beautiful succulent holder if you’re into DIY projects. Wood doesn’t heat up like metal, so it’s safe for outdoor succulents that sit under direct sunlight all day.

Metal pots are so trendy right now! Their great color and shine add a sophisticated accent to any house.

Glass is often used for vases and terrariums because its transparency can show off the beauty of flowers and create a magical world inside terrariums. If you’re creative, you can find unique glass containers for your succulents around your house such as wine bottles and mason jars.

Let's dive right into it to find one that keeps your plants healthy and happy!