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Click here to watch our November Box: Graptoveria Moonglow, Anacampseros Telephiastrum, Kalanchoe Chocolate Soldier and Haworthia Zebra Plant.

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Graptoveria Moonglow 4 reviews from $5.65
Anacampseros Telephiastrum Succulent Plant for sale, How to care for Anacampseros Telephiastrum, Growing for Anacampseros Telephiastrum, Succulent Gift Box Ideas, Succulent wedding favor
Anacampseros Telephiastrum 14 reviews from $5.65
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Tillandsia Schiedeana Air Plant for sale, How to care for Tillandsia Schiedeana Air Plant, How to grow Tillandsia Schiedeana Air Plant indoor, Air plants subscription box monthly, Air plants gift ideas, Air plants home decor ideas, Live air plants for gifts
Tillandsia Schiedeana $7.35